It's a brand new year, and with new years come new goals and a chance to learn from the past and improve for the future.  I personally am caught up in the new year's resolution hype and have a few goals for the upcoming year that I am excited to begin working on.  I tend to remain more accountable when I tell others I'm going to do something, maybe you're the same way?  On any account, I've decided to share my resolutions with you (my one loyal remaining reader, are you there still?  Sorry I took a break for the holidays, I do promise to catch back up- forgive me?).

Here is what I WILL accomplish this year.  (I don't want to say try to accomplish- I believe saying try is giving yourself room to not accomplish things!)

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1. I am going to lose weight. (I know, super original resolution right?)  After working really hard to lose weight before my 10 year high school reunion, I am sad to say the weight I did lose must have left a breadcrumb trail because alas, it found me.  Go figure.  I was able to hide from it for awhile, but unfortunately when this school year's (extremely) busy season hit, my good habits died and the lbs that took some time to ditch, took no time at all to return.  I am looking forward to my progress in this area because I really miss how much healthier I felt before when I was 20 lbs lighter.

How am I going to lose the weight?
-Rejoining Weight Watchers online (their plan has changed significantly, and so far, day #2, I like the changes very much- I will write more on this in an upcoming post)
-Making regular exercise a part of my week again (this is going to be more challenging than before as my work load is much heavier this school year and my gym has moved to a location I can't get to easily, so I'm going to have to be disciplined on my own, more about this later as well)
Is it weird that organization like this makes me drool? image: fredericksburg.com
2. I am going to make my house the home I've always wanted. 
I am going to go through my home room by room (one room each month, a couple rooms might take 2 months) and starting with a list, determine and take action on steps that would make that room a. as functional as possible b. a reflection of our family and tastes/needs.  In some rooms, this may mean cleaning out closets, adding organization systems/containers or fresh paint, in others, new furniture (Keegan's quickly outgrowing his toddler bed).  I will be doing all of this home makeover work on a budget (unless someone finds that in fact money does grow on trees and provides me with my own) so I'm excited to see how much I can do within my limitations- it's a fun challenge.  I plan to do a lot of thrifting/upcycling/revamping and I promise to share my projects (both failures and successes, because let's be honest- the failures can be funny!) with you.

In case you haven't noticed by now, I really appreciate the value of authenticity and in the interest of practicing what I preach, I will be showing you before and after pictures of these room makeovers.  Keep in mind, some of what you see may be disturbing (closets...eeeee!) so be kind, oh, and brace yourself ;-)
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3. I am going to improve the content of my blog.
 The blogs I personally enjoy reading the most are the ones that teach me something I can use in my own life.  Whether it be a project I can recreate, a mind set on a topic I can (and often need to) adopt or ideas for family activities, places to see, issues to contemplate or even just a reminder of what is important to appreciate- I love learning from others!  I want to have the kind of blog the enriches the lives of others as well.  In the past, I have included recipes and Fresno Friday posts, but I would like to go beyond that.  I am still figuring out exactly what that means, but I am looking forward to giving this blog a bit more depth, a bit more time, and hopefully my reader something worthwhile to remember and use later.

I am greatly looking forward to the year ahead and I know it will not come without its own set of challenges, but I look forward to the rewards of the fruits of my labor and the newness and potential of each day.  Thanks for stopping by here, and I do hope you'll come back again soon!

Happy New Year Friend!


  1. Love your turn-of-a-phrase, like the way breadcrumbs are mentioned in today's post! Love your enthusiasm. Looking fwd to reading more.

  2. I love the angle you are taking on your blog. I know you will learn so much because you have such a humble and teachable spirit. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more soon

  3. I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words and I love the recipes you share. I tried the tortellini for Christmas Eve dinner and everyone loved it. Good luck with all of your goals for 2011. Happy New Year! :) Lana

  4. Just came across your blog when I Googled the Baked Tortalini recipe. Very fun blog! I'm from the central valley too and my husband from Fresno! We live in the Bay Area now. I look forward to following your blog!

    I especially LOVE your #2 goal for the year. I might have to steal it! Good luck!


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