Progress Report Time: Keegan's Room Makeover

I am excited to be making headway on Keegan's bedroom makeover!  Last week, I purchased an antique twin sized bed and (non-antique) mattress and box spring for just $50.  At the time, I didn't know that bed was an antique, but as I began sanding it, I noticed a stamp and insignia with a furniture company's name and "made in 1841" on the foot board.  I thought that was pretty cool!

I sanded and primed the frame and am currently in the process of painting the frame a cool gray shade.  We're going with the Spider Man theme, but really, I'm keeping the room pretty neutral and planning to add a few vintage Spider Man framed posters, a Spider Man lamp and give in on Spider Man sheets (but not a bedspread, I'm such a mean mom, I know).  That way, when the little man completely changes his mind on what he likes in 3 months, it won't be too big of a deal.  This weekend, I'll be painting the walls of his room a deeper blue (still debating between two shades...) and I'm currently on the hunt for a good thrifted or Craigslist dresser to re-do to match the bed.  Hope to find one soon!
Bed frame before (headboard)
Footboard before
Getting primed
Painting in the garage
Clearly, I have top of the line painting equipment :-)
In other news, The Carrera Family Puppy Hotel currently has a guest, allow me to introduce you to Panda, our latest foster pup. 

Panda is a two month old cattle dog puppy and she is just a ball of love and fun.  It's always a bit of an adjustment having a puppy in the house, but she's been here for a night and seems to be settling in to her new surroundings now.  We're working on potty-training with her and socializing her with our other pups, Lolly and Rocco and Keegan is getting her used to the presence of a rambunctious energetic child.  Panda is available for adoption through the Selma Animal Shelter and would make a great addition to your family ;-).  (If interested, please email me for more information)

I look forward to updating you on the finished version of Keegan's room and Panda's adventures.  Stay tuned!

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