Reader Request: Wedding Photos

A fellow blogger and friend requested a post including photos from my wedding, as she'd never seen any before on Facebook or anywhere else.  There's a good reason for this.  Actually several.  First off, though I have no regrets about marrying my hunky hubs at the child-bride age of 20 (in fact, I love that we married when we did because we were able to do a lot of learning and growing up together, rather than apart, and that I believe made us a stronger couple than we would have been otherwise) we were quite young.  Which meant we had minimal life experience and that translated to our wedding planning.  We planned a very nice, traditional wedding on a tight budget and financed most of it ourselves.  Don't get me wrong, it was very nice- but we'd seen few weddings of people within our own age group at that point, so we didn't really realize how much a wedding could truly be personalized to the tastes of the bride and groom- therefore there isn't a lot of Brandon and Natali in the wedding it's more "a wedding" if that makes any sense?  Given the opportunity to go back in time, there are many things I'd have done differently- for example, not ordering my dress from the hole in the wall place that said they could "order ANY designer's dress" and would give it to me at 20% off if we rented the tuxes from them.  They got the dress I wanted alright- and it arrived 1 day before the ceremony.  It then underwent a horrible hack job (they called it "alterations") and it ultimately fit me like a sausage casing on the waist, making horrible wrinkles and "rolls" in photos, that weren't truly rolls (I was only 20 and long before baby after all!).  Also, our photographer, though not a bad photographer, didn't produce the types of wedding photos you see today.  Our photos were taken with a film camera (crazy right?) and they were not edited or retouched or photo shopped in any way.  And, a final note- I'd read somewhere a bride's wedding day makeup shouldn't be far from her normal look, as "normal" is what the husband must have found beautiful in the first place- so.... I did my normal make up at that time.  Not fabulous (didn't even know how to fill in my eyebrows!  Yikes!) and definitely not makeup that makes a person look wedding day pretty in photos.

After sharing all that, you must think I'm quite a bitter person in regards to feelings about my wedding- but really, I'm not.  Given the option would I choose some things differently?  For sure!  But, I truly, with all of my heart believe a wedding is just ONE day!  A marriage is what lasts for a lifetime and if that wedding ends in marriage- well, it was successful! <-----I think I just heard big wedding planners sigh in disgust.

So, my photos, they aren't fancy- they're not doctored up- but they're of us, getting married- the start of our becoming a family!  And I love them. :-)  Here's a few of my favorites (yes, I had to drag out a scanner, haha!)

*Note, these are not in ceremony/chronological order- blogger was giving me fits when I tried to move photos around (blah!)

Both of our parents also married at Northwest Church

We were wed!

Randomly, Grand Occasions added chips to our luncheon menu! They were actually a hit amongst the crowd.



  1. You guys are so cute!!! I was married at 20 too! It looks like you guys had a ball! I understand about doing a wedding on a budget. I didn't even have a photographer;). Oh the things I would redo but as the same time I am glad we did it when we did and I am not ever getting married again!

  2. I think that there is always something we would change! I think you guys look fantastic!

    P.S. I totally wore the same tiara on my wedding day!

  3. Oh, you made such a beautiful bride! You and Brandon look so adorable and oh so happy!

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I loved taking a peek at your special day! (And I know it's a hassle to drag out the scanner, so I'm quite impressed you posted this so quickly!).

    If I could do it over again I think I would have chosen a different dress ... there's always something you might have wanted to do differently, but like you said -- your wedding is one day and it's all about the marriage that comes after it!

    So nice to see you today!

  4. Natali - you were a beautiful bride and your wedding was fun!!

  5. You looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Beautiful, Nat! It looks like the wedding was amazing. Everyone has something they would change (I would have hired a different photographer - my photos stunk!). And I totally understand weddings on a budget, I cannot believe how much people waste on some weddings when they could do it so much cheaper! :-)


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