A very girly post 1: My favorite online tutorials

This post will likely be one of a few that focuses on information related to cosmetics and other beauty (specifically outer beauty- because inner isn't really covered here, but is even more important ;-)) products, tools, techniques etc.

Morgan's posts about being an admitted MAC addict prompted me to search for a few video tutorials on YouTube and expand my own MAC inventory a bit as well (I didn't spend a lot, I had a freebie for recycling their containers, which I just learned get melted down into playground equipment- cool huh?) and both activities opened my eyes to new tricks, ideas and products that I enjoyed so much, I wanted to pass along the info here as well, in case others might appreciate them as well.

First off, I'd like to share some of my favorite tutorials that I found on YouTube.  I've tried many of the techniques in the past week or so that I've seen, and I think they are really worth the time to learn.  I have two favorite video posting users so far.  (I owe thanks to Morgan for passing along the info about both of them, thanks girlie!)

The first is LolaMarie7.  She's a hairstylist who I'm assuming is a licensed cosmetologist as well and also happens to just really like hair and makeup stuff in general clearly.  So far, the things I've learned from watching her videos have made me think "OH!  THAT's how they get that look!" at least 5 times.  In fact, luckily, I was watching a few of her hair videos last night, right before my scheduled trim today, and with her help, was able to describe the exact type of bangs I wanted to my own stylist and I got them!  I've been wanting to get my bangs cut in this way for years, but I guess I always described them wrong?  My stylist liked the bangs so much, she wanted to get her own cut that way too.  It was fun sharing ideas!  Anyway, LolaMarie7s videos are really neat.  She does talk pretty fast, so be prepared for that, but she knows her stuff.  Here are some of my favorite LolaMarie7 videos:

Top 5 Beauty Tricks:

Full and Fabulous Lashes without Falsies:

What to tell your stylist to get the side-swept bang:

How to style the "side swept bang" tutorial:

My second favorite video tutorials are from Pixiwoo.  Two women with really lovely British accents that have a wonderful way with make-up teach a multitude of looks step-by-step. Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the videos, but you can click the links to a few of my favorites below.

Prom Makeup-a pretty brown smokey eye look with a pink lip.
Audrey Hepburn Makeup- a beautiful, classic look
Easy, smokey brown eye
Everyday Makeup Look

I hope you enjoyed my favorite tutorials of the moment and enjoy exploring other tutorials you may find from LolaMarie7 and PixiWoo's collections. 

Just for fun, here's a quick pic of my hair cut that I got today, with the exact bangs I've been wanting :-)  Yay!


  1. So have you tried the heated eyelash curler trick? I think that is something I need to try!

  2. I tried out the heated eyelash curler trick and OMG my lashes are amazing all day now! I have uber thin short lashes and now they look like I actually have long thick ones!


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