Finally growing a thicker skin.

Last week, I headed to the mall with a friend for a nice evening of retail therapy.  In my world, that means bargain hunting.  Therapeutic all the same.  A famous, national brand store was having their semi annual sale in which their normally pricey but pretty bras are discounted to a normal person's price range and I was excited to stock up a little.

When I arrived at the store it took me a whopping 5 minutes to realize I wouldn't have many options.  My favorite style had been discontinued (it was both comfortable and pretty) and my size was the most picked over (makes sense I guess since I once read it was the most common size amongst American women).  Bummer.  Despite the apparent road blocks, I grabbed a few items to try on, and to my disappointment found nothing that was both comfortable enough to wear for more than 15 minutes and attractive looking.

I asked the person working the dressing rooms what would be a comparable replacement to my old favorite style.  The response was not what I had expected.  I was told that if what they carried didn't fit, it may just be that they just didn't really make bras there for "my body type" and perhaps I should try a plus size store.  Wow.  Pretty great customer service huh?

Now mind you, I'd been having a decent day, and thankfully was in a good mood to start with.  The comment might have effected me more otherwise.  I'd survived a long, difficult work day, had my first Weight Watchers weigh in and discovered I'd dropped 4 lbs in my first 4 days on the plan (score!!!).  Clearly, I could stand to lose a few pounds without disappearing, but I'm not exactly trying out for my own zip code either.

The thing that truly surprised me more than anything though- was that the comment really didn't bother me that much.  A while back, I probably would have burst into tears.  But, for whatever reason, I didn't take her comments to heart, but I was able to actually recognize that for whatever reason, she was just being catty.  She was likely one size off from being my own size.  I wear the most common size in America.  And pretty much every bra I own is from that same store.  I was actually able to shrug it off.  I couldn't have done this in the past.  And though I'm not where I could be or ultimately want to end up weight-wise, I know I'm a-ok too.  And that, fits really nicely.

My "abnormal" body type.
*Excuse the awkward photo in front of the hubby's messy closet- but it's the only full view mirror I have to show you what a clearly difficult to fit body type I have.


  1. Wow, that is awful! If this is the same popular bra and undie store that I'm thinking about then you should know that last month I went into the store looking for a new style of bra...I was bored of my old style and asked for some help. The lady who re-measured me for my correct size said that it was normal for women who'd had work done (surgically) to their chest have issues finding bras to be comfy in their store and I might consider ordering online. The only issue is, I've never had any work done. Great customer service.

  2. I swore off that store when I asked one of them to measure me (it was post baby) and she came up with anyone who knows me knows that only in my dreams would that be even close...I walked out to macys, got re-measured (36DD) and never went back in there!

  3. That last line before your asterisked comment: yeah, very well stated :)

  4. I'm so glad that comment was made to you and not to me. I don't think I would have been quite as gracious. I have been saving a coupon that I have for that store for a post-baby mall trip, but if they told you that then they would laugh me out the doors when I walked in. LOL Anyway, congrats on your weightloss. :) Lana

  5. My dear friend, you are a better person than I. Lucky that I wasn't with you because with the few weeks I've had lately I probably would've said something I'd regret. No, not probably...definitely. You are beautiful and far far far from being plus sized. Stupid catty saleswoman.

  6. Bitches are crazy. I would have popped her one if I was with you.

  7. OMG I cannot believe someone would say that do you! You definitely have thicker skin than me...I wouldn't have been so nice. If its the same store I am thinking of, its also the only place I buy my underwear and bra's and I need to go get some new ones. Now I am a little scared. LOL. If they are calling you plus size (which, by the way, you are not even close!!), then I cannot imagine what they are going to tell me. Ha!

  8. This is so disturbing to me!! Nothing promotes negative body image like sizing in the popular stores of America. I'm glad you were able to brush it off because obviously this girl didn't know much..

    I once tried to buy a polo shirt in a popular store in my mall. I needed a large because their medium shirts were designed to fit Barbie. When I asked for assistance the sales clerk actually said "oh..we keep all larges in the back..I'll go look for you." Disgusting!!

    ps check out my blog!! It's a baby still but I'm hoping it will grow!!


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