Family fun for $1!

Keegan is VERY into dinosaurs these days.  He's also VERY interested in fossils and learning about what archaeologists do.  So, when I stumbled upon a "dig your own dino skeleton" kit at the Dollar Tree of all places, I couldn't resist.

I got out a big tub for the "digging" process, as the package warned it would be messy.  The kit contained an egg shaped stone, and inside were the bones needed to create a skeleton of a specific dinosaur.  (I actually bought 4 different dinosaurs, since they were just $1 each)  The kit also comes with a little brush and a chisel tool.  Keegan seemed pleased with the authenticity of the (plastic) tools.

It did take awhile to unearth each bone, but they were all there and in the end, created a really cool tiny dinosaur skeleton. (I told Keegan they were fossils of BABY dinosaurs, he was good with that)  If your Dollar Tree store has these and your kids are into dinos or fossils, I'd recommend picking a few kits up!  They were a great evening activity and Keegan loved doing a "real fossil dig!"


  1. That's freaking cool. Brandon looks like he's into it as much as Keegan.

    I love science-y toys for kids. The Osequedas' kid is going to get some truly nerdy birthday gifts from me.

  2. Yes! These are so great. My 9 and 7 yr olds still love them too. And for $1?! You can't beat that! :)

  3. Nat!!! I need to get these. Miles is really in to Dinos right now and we're going to do a Dino theme party for his birthday this year. I better check my local dollar tree! We're hoping to come to Fresno next month btw :)

  4. Super cute! Michael would love these too. I will have to check our Dollar Tree. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We bought this for Isaiah a couple of years ago and he loved it! I had totally forgotten about it, I need to go check out the dollar store now b/c this would be a perfect rainy day project!


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