Fresno Friday: My favorite pharmacy

Typically, my Fresno Friday posts highlight locally owned businesses that are not a part of major corporations.  However, today, I'm going to stray a bit from that, but for good reason.

I am lucky enough to be a healthy person for the most part, however, now that I have a child in preschool, we tend to catch our share of ear infections, colds, sinus infections etc. and occasionally need antibiotics, inhalers etc.  I have used the same pharmacy for over 10 years now, and I am continually reminded why.  The team who runs it is just WONDERFUL.  If you've ever used the same pharmacy, I bet you'd agree.  The team treats each person as though they are running a neighborhood pharmacy.  When I arrive, they know me by name (even though we really don't go in all that often) AND they ask about my other family members, by name.  They always call my insurance and get pricing and coverage info and will call my Dr. if a medication is pricey to see if an affordable alternative is available.  They prepare the medicines within 30 minutes (usually 15-20).  One time, a new Dr. prescribed Robistussion with Codeine for Keegan when he could barely stop coughing long enough to not make himself throw up.  The amount he prescribed however turned out to be for a child DOUBLE Keegan's size and potentially lethal for my little man.  The pharmacist caught it immediately, called the Dr. and got the correction and filled me in.  She may have saved his life! 

In the past week, I needed to go to the pharmacy twice (I've been battling walking pneumonia-sorry for the minimal blogging but I've been super sick but am on the mend now.)  The first time I went, it was with a new insurance, and the rx coverage wasn't activated yet.  I was so sick though and needed to get better fast and couldn't wait, so I told them just charge me the private pay price, I'd deal with it later.  I was told it would be $60.  When I came back to the counter 20 minutes later, they said "we pulled some strings and got it down to $35."  I was so grateful! 

So, now the part I'm sure you're wondering... where is this place?  Ready for this?  If you need a good pharmacy, go visit my friends Danielle, Ana, Arianna and the other amazing gals ( I wish I knew all of their names!) at Target on W. Shaw in Fresno (not W. Shaw in Clovis).  I know, as a store, it's not my favorite Target- but the pharmacy there is truly a gem and stands out amongst any pharmacy I've been to for service, effectiveness, competitive pricing and speed.  It's worth the drive.  I always go there, even when I'm coming from a doctor appointment in Clovis because I know I'll leave there well taken care of and I'm confident in saying you will too.

Just in case you need a few more reasons to try my favorite pharmacy over your usual:
Target pharmacies as a whole offer:
-Convenient color coded bottle rings that help you quickly tell who the medicine is for
(each family member gets their own color that you assign)
-Easy open or child proof bottles (you choose)
-Well labeled medication with pull out quick facts about dosage and side effects/interactions
-If you have a Target Check Card (I do, it's AWESOME- purchases come straight from my checking account BUT I save 5% off of my Target shopping total EVERY time I shop AND for every 5 rx's filled I get an all day additional savings pass so I can save %10) you get additional perks when you use it to purchase your medications.  I received a free digital thermometer in the mail recently, which was great, since our old one had just died ;-)

*Please note Target has no clue who I am nor has anyone with Target asked me to post this- I'm just a very satisfied customer who'd like to share so that others can have a good experience too.


  1. good to know. i deal with prescriptions from the other side. my favorite pharmacy to call is bullard pharmacy. same type atmosphere and friendly. i <3 lynn (the pharmacist)

  2. I totally agree! They were so very helpful when Lucas had a double ear infection and Elias needed a nebulizer. They called 6 or 7 pharmacies trying to track down everything I needed. I even remember Lori who was the one doing the brunt of the work. They still ask how the kids are doing :)


  3. They really are the most friendly pharmacy. Even though I am now only two minutes from the Bullard Target, I have not switched my rx from the Shaw location because I love the people there so much. They are always kind, funny and understanding. And I will never forget when they found out I was "Natali's sister" how excited they all got and how much they all wanted to tell me that they loved you!


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