Improve my home: Room #2 (before)

In keeping with my promise to both you and myself, I have selected the room I will be re-doing for the month of February.  I chose a smaller space this time, as I will likely have one weekend to complete the project, but this space is definitely in need of a make-over!

The room I've selected for February is the master bathroom.  I HATE this room.  The vanity area is ok, but the shower/toilet/windowless room is the room I've given the LEAST attention to.  It's also the only room in the house that is still model-home white.  So, the time has come, I can ignore the room no longer. 

I am VERY open to ANY suggestions you may have (and no, I can't put in a window due to it's location in the home- it doesn't connect to any outside walls, sorry).  So far I've got "get new shower curtain" on the list.  Good thing I have a week to get started!  So, fire away will you?  WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS ROOM??!?


  1. What if you did a nice deep red (there's a red called "Library Red" that Home Depot carries - we used it in our Reedley house and it was my favorite of all the colors we used) - either one red wall with cream color of paint for the rest, or a nice tan/coffee, or a cream paint for all walls ("Champagne" from HD is nice) along with dark red accents, maybe some copper mixed in with silver, and glass.

  2. I think a color that would help open it up would be nice. And make sure to paint the ceiling and walls the same. I learned from Trading Spaces that that helps it keep from feeling to "boxy".

    Maybe a Sea Glass Green? With white and blue accents. Shells and Oceanic themes. You could get a Port Hole shaped "window" / frame and put a nice pic of the outside in it. This could help with the illusion of having a real window.

  3. my in-laws recently re-did their hall bath and I have to admit that I love it! They put up these little metal dragonflies, each one is separate... and hung them in a 'flock' type pattern, they look amazing! (Maybe behind the door, to the right in that pic?) I agree with maybe a see-glass green, or possibly a light brown (think melted chocolate milkshake), either of those with some mirror accents and bright white trim would look really clean and crisp. And I love double shower curtains, one for decoration that tends to be pulled back, maybe with a pretty tassle? I'm sure you'll make it b.e.a.utiful! ;)

  4. What do you all think of doing an all over wall stencil (made to look more like wall paper) like this?

    Do you think it would make the back wall pull forward visually and make the room look smaller? Or do you think it's a great idea? I really like the look- I wonder if I could pull it off...

  5. I think those stencils look great, and as long as it was only one wall or so, it wouldn't be too overpowering. I think they would be perfect for the little space, b/c on big wall in a main room it might be too distracting, but the bathroom is a great idea!

  6. I agree with Kara. I like the stencils too but only do it on one wall. I'm sure you'll make it look great! =)


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