Retraction: I withdraw my previous recommendation.

For those of you that read the post about brow liners and comparing MAC's retractable liner in Fling vs. Maybelline's retractable liner in light blonde, unfortunately, I can no longer recommend the Maybelline version.  With continued use, I realized that the Maybelline liner is considerably softer and less pigmented, meaning it takes multiple twists to advance the product to fill in just one brow, whereas the MAC product takes just one twist daily to take care of both brows.  So, while the Maybelline liner may be cheaper up front, I'd venture to say the MAC liner is still a better bet.  The denser product draws a better line and uses product considerably slower, thus making it last 2-3 months. 

To anyone who may have purchased the Maybelline liner on my recommendation, I'm sorry! :-(

1 comment:

  1. I did, and it is still better than the liner I was using. Maybe because I bought the medium brown shade? Either way, keep the beauty product reviews coming :)


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