Cotton candy ice cream- never again.

This afternoon, Keegan had complained of a headache.  He also had a headache on Tuesday accompanied with a fever.  He rested most of the day and was totally perky and fever free Wednesday, so we went about our routine Wednesday and Thursday.  Today, the headache started again around 2:30.  Seeing as this week was the first time he'd ever complained of a headache, I thought it was kind of odd.  He took some Tylenol around 2:30 and at 3, my mom took him for a Thrifty Rite Aid ice cream cone, where he chose of course, the most artificially disturbing choice, BRIGHT blue cotton candy.  He enjoyed his ice cream, came home and took a nap. 

At 5:30, Keegan woke up sobbing about his head hurting again.  It was too soon for more Tylenol, and it didn't seem to be helping much anyway, so we tried distraction.  No luck.  He kept crying and crying.  So, I called the insurance nurse line.  They asked 511 questions, and then ultimately said, "You should call your pediatrician's office Dr. on call." So, I did.  I then waited 5 minutes for the exchange to answer, then the exchange operator answered and asked if I could "please hold" (umm, pretty sure I'm getting good at that) then took 5 MORE minutes to come back on the line, asked me my name, Keegan's name, and DOB, 5 minutes later, returned, asked for symptoms and said the name of the on-call Dr. (at this point, it could be Dr. Blahbedyblahblah, don't care, as long as they are a Dr.) and then put me on hold AGAIN and finally returned to say he'd paged the Dr. on call and I'd get a call back.  Guess what?  NEVER did.

So, by 6:45, we were on our way to Urgent Care.  The first place we went to was stop-you-in-your-tracks packed.  They actually turned us away anyway, because no one with any peds knowledge was there.  Sigh.

The first place gave me a list of other places, and the next nearest Urgent Care was in a little bit sketchier part of town.  I called ahead, there were only two people ahead, and they could "definitely" take a 3 yr old with a severe headache. About 2 minutes shy of arriving, Keegan's crying intensifies and he says his stomach hurts.  And, then, it happened.  Bright blue barf.  All over Keegan, the car, AND Brandon's phone.  (Keegan had been trying to watch a show on Netflix on it)  We're not talking blue.  We're talking ELECTRIC blue.  Of COURSE the one day he barfs since he was 18 months old WOULD be on the day he ate an electric blue ice cream right??

Once we arrived at Urgent Care, we were greeted by a very nice receptionist.  Keegan felt a little better and waited his turn to be seen without incident.  We were taken back by a nice nurse, and then seen by an amazingly nice and patient Dr.  She asked questions to us and directly to Keegan and was very kind and very thorough in her examination.  I couldn't believe how great she was with him and how well he responded to her.  Due to his odd symptoms, she wanted to test him for strep, just in case because she said sometimes it shows up in odd ways in young children.  I was thinking oh-dear-heavens because strep tests make ME gag, and we had a kid who had recently thrown up.  I prepared for the worst, braced myself, and then another extremely nice nurse came in and told Keegan all about her nephew and how she tickled his tonsils with a big q-tip and he thought it was so funny.  Keegan was totally fine with her tickling his tonsils, and she didn't gag him at all- I was in awe.  So in awe I blurted "you rock!" as she left the room.

Turns out, no strep, nothing serious like appendicitis or meningitis but likely a nasty virus.  I really hope it leaves him quickly and manages to skip Brandon and I (please say a prayer or cross your fingers if you would!) but I'm glad it wasn't something more serious.

Why on earth did I decide to write all about blue barf for you, my lovely reader?  Well, because I am a mom blogger, which means I often share the pictures of the cutesy fun stuff that we do, but I'm also a REAL mom, and that means I deal with some pretty icky stuff too sometimes.  So, if you're dealing with something icky tonight, don't worry- no one's life is without ick!  At least we end up with good stories to tell though! Sigh.

This was the picture msg my mom texted me of him with the ice cream going IN.
Off to Lysol everything, for the third time. 

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  1. POOR BABY!!!!! That is NO fun! I hope he gets over it quickly! I can imagine how it is, not being able to do much of anything :( Heartbreaking!

    Have a great weekend, hun!


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