Easy Silhouette Project: "Candyvore" kids t-shirt

I've been having fun experimenting with fabric paint and the Silhouette, making shirts for my little man. 

To make this shirt, you will need:

-Contact or transfer paper (I used Silhouette premium transfer paper)
-Fabric paint
-Sponge "brushes" or paint brushes

Settings for the Silhouette:
-No carrier
-Blue blade cap
-Speed 5 (you could probably go higher, but I'm okay going slow to be sure...)
-Thickness 12

1.  Create the design (email me if you want me to send you the file), then cut.  Cut around each word, the arrow, the dots, parenthesis and dino, leaving a 1/2 inch outline all around.
2.  Peel the design outline away from the cut portion and place on the t-shirt (think of it as a stencil, you're using the outline not the "sticker").
3.  Place a paper bag or newspaper inside the shirt in case paint soaks through, you won't want it on the back of the shirt.
4. Using a sponge, lightly and evenly dab on paint within the stencil border.  Use a blow dryer to dry between coats if you want to do more than one coat the ensure the color is bold.  (*I did three coats on the white since the shirt was red, but I didn't dry in between, which is why my letters do not have crisp clean outlines... lesson learned!).
5. Allow to dry, then peel away the stencils.  Wash as directed on your fabric paint bottles.


  1. Umm... Why is this a "kid's shirt"? I'd totally rock that!

  2. Want me to make you one? :-)


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