Five Faves: Weight Watcher Friendly Snacks

I'm very excited to report that I am still on-the-wagon with my Weight Watchers "dieting" (it doesn't feel like a diet, I truly do not feel tortured at all) and have now lost 18 lbs (as of Saturday which is NOT my officially weekly weigh-in day, it's actually Wednesdays, so we'll see where I'm at tomorrow...).

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite low point snacks.  Even if you're not doing Weight Watchers, these are healthy options for anyone.
1. Healthy Pop Kettle Corn: I like this because I can eat the entire bag for 4 pts, or half a bag for 2 pts.  It's sweet and salty, and because it's popcorn, I can keep eating and grabbing into the bag for more food long enough to last me through most of a favorite TV show, without blowing my points.  Popcorn is also a great source of whole grain and fiber, and helps keep you full.  By the way, stick with Orville- other brands aren't as tasty in my personal opinion.
2. Light String Cheese: At just one point per piece, light string cheese satisfies my salty/cheese craving and if you string it, it lasts several moments.  They are very portable and satisfy a dairy daily "healthy check" very nicely.  I like the Target or Fresh and Easy store brands best, they're salty without being too salty ;-)

3. Pink Lady Apples: Crisp, sweet and delicious and zero points.  With skin on, a good source of "keep you feeling full" fiber.  A little harder to find than gala or granny smith and a slight bit pricier, but worth it.  I got a 5 lb bag for $4 at Buddy's (local fruit store) this week, there are about 12 apples in there, so that was a great deal.

4. Sugary cereals: (around 3 pts) late at night when I crave a sweet treat, I go for my favorite sweet cereals.  They are still relatively low cal, and I just like to eat them dry (I measure them out, 1 serving) and pop 'em like popcorn.  (Again, lots of small pieces, so you're snacking for awhile, giving you the feeling you're getting to eat a lot)

5. Hormel Turkey Pepperoni: (2 pts per serving) when I need a low point protein or something to satisfy my spicy/savory craving I love turkey pepperoni.  It's very lean and quite flavorful and you get 17 slices in one serving, which is great!
image from Amazon Fresh

Sometimes, if I'm really hungry, I'll eat a string cheese or turkey pepperoni and an apple, popcorn or cereal.  Overall, the snack is still low in points, but with the carb/protein combo, I stay fuller longer.

Hope this list gives you a new snacking idea or two, happy snacking! :-)


  1. Your list of snacks looks like mine: I too eat popcorn, apples, cheese (I usually have cottage), and, instead of pepperoni, a piece of beef jerky.

    I also like to eat almonds or pistachios.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I have been following your blog "in the shadows" and haven't commented before, but I'm on WW now and finding suitable snacks that aren't constantly fruit is a challenge! (I'm still not totally OK with fruit having zero points- it just doesn't make any sense to me.) But I just bought a bag of that exact pepperoni (planning to figure up the points later on), and some JollyTime popcorn, which, you're right, Yuck. I will definitely have your recommendations on my shopping list this week. Thank you!!

  3. Target DOES have the best brand of string cheese. Super stringy! :) I eat it DAILY.

    I also love popcorn. Yuuum.

  4. Ok FIRST of all... 18lbs!?!? MAJORRR CONGRATS!! That's soo awesome!! I have lost 10 as of yesterday, so it's going a bit slower for me but I haven't been as strict as I could be..

    I'm totally going to buy some Kettle Corn tomorrow, I love that stuff and I keep forgetting that it's not all that bad for you!!

    I love snacking on the little Clementine Tangerines, they come packaged as "cuties" in the produce isle. I can eat 2 since they're 0 pts and they're surprisingly sweet!


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