Fresno Friday: Yodiggity Yogurt

(photo from Yodigity website)

I like frozen yogurt, I like it a lot.  In general, I give it two thumbs up.  BUT, I LOVE the fro-yo at Yodigity.  It's really, really good!  Super creamy and tons of flavors to choose from too.  Their yogurt, unlike some other frozen yogurt places also contains live active cultures that are added in liquid form (not powder) and those cultures are very good for you.

I used to be sad when the Starbucks by our house closed, but when Yodigity moved in in it's place- my sadness ended!

Yodigity is locally owned and one of the few family owned businesses in the area that is thriving and has expanded despite this terrible economy- and rightfully so.  With helpful employees always ready to let you sample a new flavor and their frequent buyer stamp card that entitles you to free yogurt after a few visits, Yodiggity treats their customers well.

Beyond great service, being locally owned and making delicious yogurt WITH live active cultures- Yodigity offers more toppings than you've likely seen in one place too!  My absolute favorite combination is strawberry and cheesecake fro-yo, swirled, with fresh strawberries, mini white and regular chocolate chips and whipped cream.  It's so good (and Weight Watcher friendly at just 4 points!).

Stop by one of Yodigity's locations soon Willow & Nees (Clovis), Bullard & West (NW Fresno) and Riggin & Dinuba (Visalia), your tastebuds and stomach will thank you!


  1. You are so making me want to make a stop on the way home (even if it's not at all on the way home). Happy Friday, Nat!

  2. Uhhhhh!!!! Now I want some, but it's sooooo far away!!!!


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