Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Growing up, on St. Patrick's Day one of two things happened.  Either one, my mom made a traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage and soda scones (dyed green of course, because she's cool like that) or two, my sister and I successfully convinced my mom that corned beef was disgusting enough that we should just go to McDonald's for shamrock shakes and since they have food there- we could just eat dinner there too.  Either way, fun tradition and I ate a lot of carbs. (I didn't eat corned beef or cabbage as a kid, so I pretty much just gorged on green scones- don't judge me!)

I seem to be fighting a cold today, and when I mentioned shamrock shakes for dessert of COURSE Keegan suggested we eat at McDonald's tonight- annnd sore throat starting to kick in, tired legs... I caved.  Man, those shakes were good though!  Back on Weight Watchers tomorrow- promise!  (It was a holiday people. And I am part Irish after all.  I'm queen of justifications- the sooner you realize this the better.)

Couple of fun pics from tonight, then I'm off to take more vitamin C.

Look at those cheeks!

Oh, well.  Guess that's where Keegan's cheeks came from!

This is the $.25 we had to pay him to eventually drag his crying slide terrified self down the slide of the play structure.


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