My First Silhouette Project: Weekly Menu Board (makeover)

My much anticipated Silhouette "happy tax return to me" machine arrived Thursday evening, and I spent the whole night (after Keegan went to bed) CAREFULLY unpacking it, reading every scrap of literature it came with, installing and exploring the software.  At the end of the evening, it was 11:30 and I was tired, and had no CLUE what I wanted to make! lol  I have a LOT of ideas, but they all require me purchasing fabric or glass etching cream or fabric paint or t-shirts or heat transfer vinyl... you get the idea.  So, it may take me a little time to really get cranking on projects as I slowly make purchases (i.e. wait for incoming paychecks).  In the meantime I've promised myself I will not WASTE any of the vinyl/transfer paper I got with the machine and I must only use it for useful, purposeful things.  So, I cut nothing on Thursday evening.  Brandon even said "WHAT? You didn't CUT anything?"  I think he was excited to see the machine work too.

So, Friday came along and went and we had a very sick Keegan on our hands, so no inspiration struck, nothing was cut again.  Saturday brought meal planning and grocery shopping, and an idea struck.  Each week, I re-write the day of the week next to each meal I plan on my little magnetic whiteboard that I keep on the fridge (cost me all of $2 at Target).  I thought, "hey, I could make the days permanent with a little vinyl!" and so my first project was born.

With the Silhouette premium vinyl, I didn't even have to load the media onto a carrier sheet, I just fed the role right into the cutter, which was really convenient.  The vinyl role has a little card with settings to help you get everything right printed on the inside.

All I did was grab the Bon Appetit with fork design from the "Home Decor" CD that came with the machine and typed out the weekdays using CAC Pinafore font and pressed cut.  Afterwords, I carefully removed the vinyl around the words (and in the little o, d, a etc. loops) and then pressed a piece of transfer paper on each word to assist with placement.  The most time consuming thing was pulling the excess vinyl middle out of the tiny letters with tweezers.  All in all, the project took under 1 hour, and it was my first time using the software and the machine.



  1. OMG, WANT! This is so incredibly cute! I love it. You did an amazing job.

  2. Cute!!! I have a feeling I am going to be wanting one of these machines!

  3. I was looking forward to seeing your first project with a Silhouette machine because I am looking at them myself. It turned out great! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Cute! That font is super adorable. I need to get their vinyl stat!

  5. SO, so cute! Since I'm not crafty (at all) my attention was drawn to the actual menu...please elaborate for me on the Sour Cream Pancakes??? um, yum!

  6. Thank you for the kind words! I was impressed at how user friendly the Silhouette machine and software turned out to be!

    FPU, the recipe can be found in the previous day's post, it's linked- enjoy! :-)


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