Simple solutions.

We had a lidded cup with straw in the shape of a dinosaur that we hated washing.  It took two runs through the dishwasher to really get the straw part clean and it was just a pain.  The painted on eyes had worn off.  We were just going to toss it out.

We also have had a toothbrush holder in Keegan's bathroom that does not fit Keegan's Spider Man toothbrush, as the handle is too wide and the holder's holes are too small.  We have laid Keegan's toothbrush across the top of the thing for about oh, a year. (He's had other toothbrushes, also too wide)

After an entire year of having a functionless toothbrush holder in Keegan's bathroom, it FINALLY dawned on me- "hey, maybe I could use that pain in the neck dino cup to hold Keegan's toothbrush." 

With some freshly drawn (Sharpie!) eyes, what do you know, if fits the toothbrush AND paste perfectly and Keegan thought his "new triceratops toothbrush holder" was the "coolest thing ever!"

Why it took me a YEAR to come up with this, I have NO clue, but I'm really going to be trying to do a better job of finding new uses for the things that already live in this house with me!

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  1. I love when things like that come together. Like, how none of my kitchen utensils fit in my drawer, but I kept trying to shove 'em in there anyway. Solution? Old silvery metal vase, now a kitchen utensil holder. Took me 7 months (and one drawer jammed shut) to figure out a solution. And another 5 seconds to implement it.


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