Springtime Mantle Makeover

I learn so much from what I see on other people's blogs and I've realized that people make such pretty focal points on their fireplace mantles and mine was just WAY too drab.  So, I decided to poke around the house and see what I could do to freshen up my mantle and make it look a little "spring-y" in the process. 

Outdated mirror, old family photo, mantle was a catch all for controllers
Much fresher don't you think? Bad lighting, night time pic- sorry.      

Elements:  I spray painted the old mirror white (I sense a spray paint makeover addiction forming!) and I also painted the old picture frame.  I replaced the outdated family photo with a Silhouette cut bird on yellow striped scrapbooking paper (seemed Spring-y?).  The tall green vase I've had forever, I bought it at Ross for $4 on clearance years back.  The little green vase was a swap party steal that I took from Morgan's pile.  I plucked the flowers from the Camellia bush in the front yard and the vase is a hand me down from my grandmother.  The little green glass candle holder was from the thrift store and set my back a whole 60 cents and the melon shaped candle (lemon cookie scent!) was from Goodwill and was brand new for $1.  I really like how it all came together :-)


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