Why Americans have weight problems.

So, though I appreciate getting "more for your money" (even more so when you use a buy one get one free ice cream cone coupon on an afternoon walk with a friend) our portion sizes are cah-ray-zay outta control. 

I'm thinking when THIS is a "single scoop" cone of ice cream- weight is going to be an issue!  (Excuse the really ugly picture of me, but seriously, the "scoop" is almost as big as my head- my head was needed as a reference.)


  1. Um...WHO told you that is an ugly picture? You should slap them...and if it's you, go ahead and slap yourself ;) You're GORGEOUS and super adorable! Especially in your cutie layers and scarf!

    but omg. That is one HUGE scoop!

  2. P.S. I think it's a Siamese Twin scoop...cause it totally looks like 2 scoops to me.

  3. dang, what baskin robbins do YOU frequent b/c I think I need to start going there! My place is so chintzy with the portions lol!
    p.s. you ALWAYS look adorable, I love your outfit!

  4. Seemed like 3 solid scoops worth to me in person! Yum and Yikes!

    Amanda, you're too kind ;-)

    Jimaie, that was from Bullard and West! hint hint


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