Fresno Friday: Forever Edition

By now, most locals have heard that the former Gottschalk's building, located at the far North end of the Fashion Fair mall has been redone and taken over by the budget apparel mecca, Forever21.  For days I'd been hearing of the crowds in the parking lot, the excited crowd waiting outside the store on opening day and the many jobs the new mega-store was creating for valley residents.  Curiosity eventually got the best of me and I HAD to see WHAT on earth a 3-story Forever21 was like.

Holy. Cow.

It's awesome.  Yup.  It really is.

Previously, finding something at F21 for me was very hit or miss.  Some days I'd find something, other days, everything would either look SO uber-trendy that I couldn't dare attempt to pull it off at my "I'm-not-21-anymore-age" or it looked as cheap as it was.  See, I have brie taste on an EZ cheese budget, so though I need for things to be a bargain, I'm picky and try not to choose things that scream "I was 60 cents on clearance because I was the last thing left from two springs ago and my seams will fall out when you wash me."

Anyway, I truly think there is something for everyone is this mega-giganto Forever21. 

The store is sectioned off by stule/clothing type.  The following are sections I noticed:
-Basics (organized by color)
-College wear (similar to Victoria's Secret PINK line)
-Workout wear
-Country chic
-Romantic/ruffly/girly/vintage-y (yeah, that's the best description I could come up with, but it was definitely my favorite area personally)
-80's wear
-Plus size
-Animal prints
-Day to evening

Other sections of the store included:
-Shoes (yes, a whole F21 shoe section)
-Accessories (belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses)
-Jewelry (one of my favorite sections)
-Children's clothing (currently, girls clothes only, size 6 and up from what I could tell)

What I like best about the new ginormo Forever21:
1. I LOVED the jewelry area.  Very pretty things, TONS to choose from, and I saw nothing over $10.  Many items were as little as $2.80.  Additionally, a multitude of the styles were very similar to things I'd seen at much pricier stores (that I also love, but my wallet does not- J. Crew and Anthropologie).
2. I think if you need to find something for an occasion or just need to freshen your wardrobe, it'd be pretty hard not to find SOMETHING you like (if you're a female that is ;-))
3. When talking to a salesperson, I learned that the store is now Forever21's largest store and is considered their new flagship store and they're trying the concept out on us, right her in the 'No.  I love that Fresno is often used as a test market for business ideas and new products (due to our cultural diversity usually).  I also think that having a unique, budget-friendly store like Forever21 trying out this new flagship store concept here will help bring revenue into our city by attracting shoppers from other nearby (or maybe even further off?) areas.  In addition to the jobs the store growth brought, the sales/tax revenue will likely be helpful as well and shoppers will be drawn to Fashion Fair.

If you're a female, or know a female and like to buy her things, (Mother's Day is coming up afterall :-)) you should definitely go check out the new Forever21 store.  If you enjoy shopping, give yourself a good chunk of time- as it will take a few hours if you really want to see everything there.  But, it's fun!  (The store's pretty aesthetically pleasing and more organized/spacious than it was in it's former, smaller location.)


  1. The F21 that I go to is not that big (2 stories) but they have a section for guys and one for little girls. I rather have a 3 story one with all girl stuff tho! LOL

  2. Ours is gigantic too and it gives me hives.

    HAHA! No but really, it is pretty overwhelming and I didn't even know where to start in the small store. Oi.

  3. My wife & I have trouble making decisions, so our daughter never stood a chance. When she was three or four, we remember her breaking down in tears at Baskin Robbins because she just couldn't pick her favorite from the 31 flavors. Later at around twelve, at a shop called So Good, filled with gobbs of sparkly costume jewlery - completely overwhelmed again. Now she's seventeen and quite grown-up. She's always liked Forever21 so when we heard she hasn't been yet, we were a little surprised. "Too new? Are you waiting for the craziness to die down?" we asked her. She confessed to not wanting to go inside, because it might be too hard to select anything with soooo many choices. I guess some things don't change...

  4. I guess it's a good thing that my belly is gigantic and the only things I can fit into are maternity clothes. No new, cute little clothes for me! (Which I'm sure my husband is thankful for as I love shopping.) The new F21 definitely gives me incentive to lose the baby weight. Fall apparel line, here I come!


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