Fresno Friday: Getting Schooled Edition

If you've known me in real life for any length of time, you probably know that my ultimate career goal is to someday open my own school and do things a little bit differently.  I have a ton of ideas, and I'm starting to put the pieces together to put them into motion, but it will definitely take some time, a ton of hard work and a huge amount of passion to make that happen, but thankfully, I have others to look to that have made their own dreams of opening a school with new ideas come true.

ACEL Charter High School is a relatively new high school within the Fresno Unified attendance district, located downtown in the Historic Fresno Station Building (1713 Tulare St, Fresno 93721) .  The school is free for high school students to attend and open to any high school student (grades 9-11 for the 2011-2012 school year) living in the San Joaquin Valley.  When it opened it's doors to students during the 2009-2010 school year, it served freshman, and this year, it added sophomores.  Next year, ACEL will continue to expand to offer classes to juniors as well.

What ACEL offers that's different from other local high schools is a focus on leadership and community involvement as well as small, focused class sizes that allow for a lot of individualized instruction and a real "family feel".  You can tell ACEL is different the moment you walk into their building.  Their staff team is small but very dedicated.  You're greeted in the reception area by a friendly face, not someone tired of dealing with students and just waiting to retire (sorry, but having worked with MANY schools, I've seen it a lot).  Project-based learning and group work are emphasized daily, and students learn in a variety of ways and places, not just in the classroom.  Field trips and community projects and involvement are key at ACEL and compliment and boost learning (not to mention motivation and enthusiasm).

Another thing I really like about ACEL is how they embrace technology.  Their use of social media and classroom technology puts them on the cutting edge and allows students to have a more "2011" school (and real life) experience.

If you know of a valley high schooler (or know someone who does) please let them know about ACEL.  ACEL has a great thing going that could really benefit a lot of students, especially those with the desire to strengthen their leadership skills or learn in an environment where individualized learning and project based instruction are offered in heaping doses! :-) They are currently enrolling and happy to help provide you with additional information on their school.  (And yes, students attending ACEL will meet their high school A-G requirements and will be equipped to enter college upon graduation.  A 12th grade class will be added in the 2012-2013 school year, making ACEL a 4-year high school.)

For more information on ACEL, contact them via email at or by phone, (559) 408-7077 or visit them online here.

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  1. I also work for the Clovis online school which caters to a mostly online environment. Charter schools are the wave of the future!


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