Fresno Friday: Where to go when you're sick in Fresno

Not sick of Fresno.  Don't misread my title.  Besides, that couldn't be possible right? ;-)  Ok, maybe sometimes we all need a little beach or snow road trip, but I digress...

I don't know about you, but from my viewpoint this cold and flu season was a REAL jerk.  I mean it was BAD.  There was one day, where I literally had 19 of 37 employees scheduled to work on a given day sick.  And they SOUNDED sick.  I was also sick, as was my office coworker.  My two office mates who helped me this winter and I shared a lovely case of walking pneumonia and bronchitis, my son got a weird flu that involved bad headaches, fevers and barfing blue ice cream all over my backseat.  Like I said, this flu season was ROUGH!

But, the silver lining is we found a REALLY great place to go when you need care fast.  Our family, and the families of several friends now have had absolutely wonderful care at a new Urgent Care center located on Golden State and Ashlan, Apna Urgent Care.  We ended up there with a very sick 3 year old about a month ago and I've got to say I was SO impressed with the level of care, amount of time and attention and skill of the staff who helped us.  They were well stocked and had everything on hand to deal with our lil' sickie including Gatorade, balloons and barf bags, even Clorox wipes to help me clean my poor car.  I am still in utter awe over the nurse who successfully strep swabbed my sons throat without making him gag at ALL and telling him a story that convinced him the test itself was totally A-OK.  We were seen by Nicole, and she was so great interacting with Keegan and finding out his true symptoms directly from him.

After our positive experience, I sent my coworker, who'd been sick for more weeks than we could count at that point with bronchitis and they had everything necessary to offer a variety of breathing treatments that returned oxygen to her brain ;-) (she had complications associated with asthma and they were able to deploy a variety of options to help her) and she said they were super great with her as well.

I've now heard several very positive stories of Apna and I know that next time we need the help of an Urgent Care we will definitely return there.  Apna is able to bill most insurances (we paid nothing at the time of our visit) and they are open 7 days a week (7am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday).  Here's a link to their website with additional information.

I can not speak highly enough of how comforting and professional the care we received at Apna was.  If you or a loved one is sick and needs fast medical attention, I would recommend Apna first.

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