A Tale of Many Pediatricians

Let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time, there was a young couple who were planning a family and happily expecting their first child, a baby boy.  The mother and father of the boy had a difficult time agreeing on who the boy's pediatrician would be, as they both had wonderful pediatricians growing up, and they were both still practicing locally and either seemed like a marvelous choice.  Finally, they decided on the mother's pediatrician and the baby boy was born into the world after the longest labor ever ever 24 hours .  The boy's mother (and father) were both very tired, but also very proud of their sweet, new baby boy and were excited to discuss his health with their pediatrician.  They expected he would come in, congratulate them, remark about being the mother's doctor and now the mother's child's doctor and the boy's health would be discussed with time for questions to be asked, since the mother and father had NEVER EVER EVER been a mother and father before and they were scared to death they would accidentally break their baby somehow wanting to be sure they were caring for the baby properly.

What actually occurred however, was the pediatrician came in, picked up the baby in one hand, walked to the window and looked at him in the light, commented that his jaundice wasn't bad and wasn't of concern.  He then asked whether the parents wanted to circumcise their baby boy, and when they responded, he rattled of a monotone speech essentially condemning the idea of circumcision, but then said if they wanted to do it he could do it for them in the office.  There was no "how to care for this brand new human" conversation at ALL.

The parents went home with the new boy, and when they discovered little orange crystals in his diaper, they frantically called the pediatrician's office, sure that they had in fact somehow broken their baby, and requested a call back from the exchange.  They waited several hours, and called again.  Then several more and tried once more, but the Dr. did not call.  Instead, they googled a lot and prayed they hadn't broken their baby.  (In fact they hadn't, but it would have been nice to hear that from a Dr.)

The parents decided to try going to the father's pediatrician instead, and both parents felt as though their child was seen as much more of a person they'd really like kept alive priority with that pediatrician.  The ped was very kind, thorough and caring.  However, when baby boy became very sick, and spit up every meal for several days, and again, no one from the office called back, the parents became concerned.  Following that issue, the mother once waited 45 minutes to pay her account balance, despite being the only patron in the waiting area, during regular office hours.  The receptionist simply said, "I'll be with you in a moment." Several times and the mother stood there and waited for someone to finally accept her money.

Fast forward, and a new pediatrician is found through internet recommendations.  He's older, and he's also old school, but he KNOWS his stuff and he runs ON time.  His office runs like a well oiled machine and if you call, they call back and FAST.  Unfortunately, just when the family and the Dr. start getting along famously like old family friends, the Dr. retires. Noooooooo!  We are transferred a new Dr. automatically, but new Dr. double prescribes a pretty serious RX for baby boy and mom and dad are NOT feeling so great about that.  (Thanks to Target for catching that error!)

Have you lost count yet?  Just in case- recap- baby boy is now almost 3, and has been through 4 pediatricians and parents feel like there is just no good option.  Until, they hear about HER.  She is someone nurses are choosing for their own children.  She is someone everyone in their Bible study group seem to know about, use for their kids, and recommend to all.  She is EVERY bit the pediatrician the parents and the boy ALWAYS needed.  She takes her time at the visits, she waits for the boy to warm up to her and engages him, she offers samples readily to save the parents money, she returns calls promptly, she is sharp as a tack but equally kind and warm, her diagnosis are right on the money and her solutions work.  (Her office staff is kind, friendly and empathetic, even when the patient load is high.)  She answers questions and give tips appropriate to age and what to expect developmentally.  Today, when she saw the mother, clearly tired from an extended wait and a long night with a sick child, she gave her a HUG.  Yes.  The pediatrician gave the mother a HUG.  At that moment that mother knew she would not have to change practices for her son again.  She found someone who truly cared about her boy, and even her as a mother.  What a true find indeed.

The boy, totally at ease at the office of "the nice Dr."
If you are local, and need a pediatrician, without any hesitation whatsoever, I would HIGHLY recommend Nidhi Mehrotra 559.325.2400.


  1. Great article, capped off with a great picture of a sick but smiling, snake-bedazzled munchkin. What relief!

  2. So I came across your Blog as I googled fun family date nights.. Loved the post you did on summertime fun. Anyways now I am totally addicted.. Thankfully my little kiddos are napping, as I have loved reading your Blog for the past hour and a half.. Good Mommy time, right? Just wanted to share my opinion too as I was reading your post A Tale of Many Pediatricians I was thinking to myself it has got to be Nidhi Mehrotra.. I loved seeing her name at the end of the article. I agree she is the best.. We just moved back to town this past year so my husband could built and open is own Pediatric Dental Practice in town.. So another Move always means finding a new pediatrician. Which is always HARD.. So happy that we found Dr. Mehrotra too.


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