The 28-day challenge- are you game?

A friend of mine recently clued me in to something happening in the interwebs- the "28 day challenge".  The challenge, started by blogger DJ Waldow of Social Butterfly Guy is to determine an exercise routine that you will stick to for 28 straight days.  DJ's personal challenge involves push ups and crunches, and he's set a daily goal for crunches and an alternating daily goal for push ups.  (Due to the way our muscles work, abs can be worked daily, whereas the muscles used for pushups require a rest period to rebuild and strengthen tissues between workouts)  Many of his readers (and others who've stumbled upon his post) have joined in the challenge as well- and, if I'm being honest, I love a good group challenge!  So, I've joined in as well.  For 28 days, I will be doing 50 push ups every other day and 75-150 crunches daily.  I do plan to add additional crunches each week, so while I'm doing 75 daily this week, I will add 25 each week until I am doing 150 daily.

Want to join in the challenge?  Come on, you KNOW you want an excuse to get motivated!  YOU set the up your routine based on what YOU can do.  If you can't do 50 push ups in a row (I sure can't) do 5-10 at a time throughout the day.  Challenge yourself (don't go pledging to do 1 jumping jack daily now, push yourself a bit and reap the rewards) and join many others in getting into better shape.  It's just 28 days!  You GOT this!  I'm on day 5, and I'm feeling great so far!

Want to join in?  Visit the full post on DJ's blog here.  Comment and or email DJ to join in (instructions in his post).  Mentioning the challenge on Twitter?  Use the hashtag #28days.

Let's do this together!  Who's in?  :-)


  1. Alright...alright...I'm in! When does it start? :-)

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  3. IN! You gotta tell me when to start, though...

    (and OKAY, I was the goof who accidentally posted under our work account. D'oh!)

  4. Natali:

    Love that you found The 28-Day Challenge and our "all in." I have to say, I'm *amazed* at the number of folks who are participating. We are over 70. Crazy, right? All from a single blog post (and a few FB updates & tweets). Not bad.

    Only 20 days left!

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory


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