Ah! The eggs got me!!!

So, back in January at New Year's resolution time, I set a goal to lose weight, and that I did.  By March, I'd dropped 18 lbs and was a mere 7 lbs away from my goal (and maybe 5 more, if I wanted to continue once I got there).  However, stuff happened (like a positive pregnancy test) more stuff happened (stores started stocking Cadbury eggs) and even more stuff happened (we lost the baby) and the next thing I knew I was so far derailed from my healthy habits, I couldn't even SEE the rail anymore.  And turns out, no amount of Cadbury eggs can bring back babies.  Go figure.  (They are pretty magical though)

So, I'm done with my wallowing in creme filling phase, and I'm happy to report I am BACK. ON. TRACK! Yay!

I LOVE the way I feel after a good workout- it's SO energizing!  I've missed endorphins more than I realized!  I'm remembering why I got addicted to exercise!  I've mainly been Zumba-ing and riding my bike.  Tonight, I'm meeting friends for a long power walk (followed by a little iced coffee and gabbing) and I'm on track with Weight Watcher eating again, following their online program as I have been in the past (and noshing on the amazingly delicious fresh produce provided me by our wonderful Central Valley in springtime!).

If you've gotten off track in your own healthy endeavors, consider this your PSA: Swimsuit season is not just knocking on the door- it's BANGING on the door, and it's not too late to get moving and feel great before summer!

Look for more healthy recipes in the coming weeks and also check out SkinnyTaste.com if you haven't already- Gina's recipes are AMAZING and your family would never know they're eating healthy food!  No joke.  Enjoy :-)

Sweaty, but happy and hydrated :-)


  1. Thanks, Natali. This is just what I needed to hear!! My weakness has been these darn chocolate covered raisins that I cannot stop eating. Grrr!!

    Okay, okay, I am going to start tracking again.... :-)

  2. Mmmm cadbury eggs. Sorry about the loss Nat, but glad to hear that you are back on track! Love your positive attitude!


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