Fresno Friday: A Cultural Snack Addiction

Growing up, we made a lot of special traditional Italian foods in my Noni's kitchen, especially around the holidays.  All of the recipes are always "too much work!" and "make a huge mess!" but they're so worth it!  One of my favorite things we make are Tarals (more commonly known as Taralis) and they are commonly described as an Italian pretzel.  The dough requires excessive kneading, boiling, drying and then finally baking and on a bad weather day, well, your tarals may break your teeth of the yeast didn't cooperate- but when they are right, they are so crunchy and flakey inside and they are completely addictive!

My friend Julie recently told me about Lamanuzzi's Italian Pretzels- a shop that makes tons of amazingly perfect tarals!  I was so excited!  1. I now don't have to go to all that trouble to attempt to make them myself.  2. I can enjoy them more than once a year! (Once a year is about how often they get made, and for that to happen the exact combination of out of town relatives must be present, the weather must be perfect and the schedule must be clear for hours- no easy circumstance I tell ya!)

I stopped in Lamanuzzi's for the first time a couple weekends ago.  Their tarals (tarallis, taral is a regional dialect thing, but it's what I've always called them) come in several flavors (traditional with fennel seed, traditional hot/spicy, garlic and pizza) and they also make homemade biscotti!  The service is friendly, they take credit cards and each generous bag of tarals is just $5.  Easter weekend, I tried every flavor but hot, because it was sold out, and I loved them all!  Today, I stopped in for a bag of hot and was pleasantly surprised at their kick- they are truly hot- and tasty too.  (I like spicy food.)

You're ignoring my horrible manicure (lack thereof) right?  Good.  Phew!
Not quite your typical pretzel shape, but the traditional taral shape for sure
Observe the flaky deliciousness!
Pizza, traditional and garlic tarals
If you're in the mood for a delicious Italian snack, stop by Lamanuzzi's and support a local, family owned business!  (Located on the NW corner of Bullard and Marks in Fresno)
Stop by!  Located on Bullard/Marks.

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