My son is 4.

Thanks to Camping's incorrect prediction, we were all still around on Sunday, and our sweet Keegan did in fact turn 4 years old!  (We celebrated on Saturday with a big bash at my in-law's house- not because we really thought the rapture was going to happen that evening, but because usually, more people can attend a birthday on Saturday vs. Sunday ;-))

I am so proud of our son, and all that he has learned and the little man he is slowly becoming.  In the past two weeks alone, he has uttered first time phrases that have left me with my mouth gaping open because I am shocked at the complexity of his vocabulary or his grasp of colloquial phrases and sarcasm. (Though, in my husband's family, sarcasm is a first language, so I suppose that makes sense.)

This morning, Keegan also seemed to be feeling his new found maturity, as he helped himself to one of my SUPER SHARP WUSTHOF KNIVES to open one of his birthday gifts while I was washing my face upstairs! "Because I'm 4 now, so I can use sharp things."  Um, no.  (We had quite a conversation about that!)

As I left for the office today, Brandon (who's off today) was helping Keegan pedal down our street on his brand new bike (his gift from us) and it was all I could do not to explode with pride, joy and tears simultaneously!  I love my little family so much.

For those of you interested, a brief slide show of birthday party pictures:


  1. Happy birthday to your little man! Looks like you all had a great celebration. :) Lana

  2. Happy birthday little man, and welcome mama to one of the BEST ages EVAR. 4 rocks the house.


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