One of those Mom Ah-ha! moments

Every morning, Keegan wakes up at 7am (I have a hunch it's even earlier, but we've told him he needs to wait to come out of his room until his clock says 7) and comes into our room.  Once he wakes us up (if we're not already up) he waits approximately .02 seconds before he requests something to eat.  This past Sunday morning, both Brandon and I were pretty zonked still, and out of exhaustion, Brandon told Keegan he could go and get a snack himself.

In my half asleep stupor, I thought, this could go wrong, but I also thought hey, let's give the kiddo a chance and see what he does.

Well, he DID get something to eat...

With a huge grin he reappeared with this popcorn container in his hands...

...FILLED with mini-marshmallows!

So, it dawned on me in my Ah-Ha! (moreover, DUH) moment- there needs to be healthy, good snack choices for the rugrat at his reach in the kitchen.

So, a grocery trip and Dollar Tree run later, we now have a bin on the bottom shelf of the pantry, and a Keegan dedicated bottom shelf in the fridge.
Unfortunately for Keegan, buckets of mini marshmallows are not available, but, I suppose in time he'll get over it ;-).  He did seem pleased with the ability and independence to pick his own snack though!


  1. We do the same thing Natali! We have a dedicated area for Michael in the pantry with a basket full of "good for you" snacks. Although, now he is learning to climb the shelves and reach other things, so watch out for that!! :-)


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