That day I got 5 articles of clothing for a ridiculously low price.

At lunch today, I happened to be eating at one of my favorite places, (Casa de Tamales- tamales is how you spell YUM, in case you were wondering ;-)) and I happened to have seen an ad about Old Navy's big summer sale, and there just happened to be an Old Navy RIGHT by the restaurant.  So, I may have wandered in... (Ok, ok, so I have a bargain shopping addiction- we all know someone who suffers from it! ;-))

Holy cow though did I EVER hit the bargain jack pot today!  My lunch friend and I couldn't get over the insane amount of clearance selection in the women's department (extended into multiple store areas) and everything was 50% off the already clearance prices.  So, I shall now call this day "that day I got 5 articles of clothing for a ridiculously low price" for all eternity.  Yeah, I know- long name... I was thinking that too- but then I started staring at my new stuff again and got too distracted to come up with something better.

So, wanna see my haul? (AKA this is my attempt to show you that what's there isn't just the bottom of the barrel stuff and that you should TOTALLY go score some sweet deals for yourself!)

Item 1: Super lightweight knit dot tee with rolled sleeves
Original price:  $14.50  Clearance price: $5.49  Final price (after additional 50%): $2.75
You guys all hang your clothes in trees and take pictures of them too, right?
Item 2: Super lightweight gray ruffled cap sleeve tee
Original price: $17.50 Clearance price: $6.49  Final price: $3.25
It's not actually see through with a human in it, honest.

Item 3: Lightweight cotton dot cardigan (super cute and work appropriate!)
Original price: $29.50 Clearance price: $12.99  Final price: $6.50

Item 4: Comfy and cute cotton pj pants with roll up cuffs
Original price: $16.50 Clearance price: $8.99  Final price: $4.50

Item 5: Coral lounge pants (oh how I heart comfy pants!)
Original price: $16.50 Clearance price $7.49  Final price: $3.75
So, let's see here... if you do the math- had I bought those 5 items at full price, the total would have been $94.50.  The clearance total would have been $41.45.  I paid $20.75- a savings of 78%!  Seriously- that kind of shopping is SO. MUCH. FUN!

If you decide to head out to hunt your own bargains- one word of advice: TRY THINGS ON.  The sizes from item to item really vary.  Just in my 5 items, I have sizes XS, S, M and L and they all fit.

Now, if ya'll excuse me, I'm off to slip into my comfy pants and relax! (Ok, so this is a scheduled post, and I'm at work- but hey- once I'm home- I am DEFINITELY wearing the comfy pants!)


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I went to my local old navy, and found some great deals too! $169 worth for $47!! Can't beat that!

  2. awesome deals! I guess I need to check out my old navy!


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