28 Day Challenge- Complete.

If you've been reading for awhile, you may have read my post about the 28 Day Challenge I decided to join (click here if you missed it).  I am very happy to say I completed he challenge on Friday of last week, and am very happy that I participated!

What did I gain?  Overall, I feel stronger and more toned in my shoulders, chest, back and arms.  My abs are also firmer (though, unfortunately, I will need to of course continue with cardio to remove that pesky layer or fat that still seems to enjoy sitting on top of them) and I'm able to do crunches with perfect form now as the strength of my abs have increased a lot since day one.

How exactly did I end up completing the challenge?  I made a few tweaks.  I decided to challenge myself by adding 25 additional crunches each week- so the first week I did 75 per day, the second 100, third 125 and fourth 150.  I wanted to work my triceps in a little more on the push ups, so I ended up doing 25 regular push ups daily, and 25 tricep dips.  Additionally, I started the 30-Day Shred video with 8 days remaining in the challenge, and did both workouts simultaneously and I also threw in cardio workouts like a two hour Zumba party, a trial Jazzercise class, bike riding and regular Zumba classes.

All in all, very glad I participated, and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing a similar challenge to jump on in!  You can do anything for 28 days.  It's just 4 weeks, and you don't have to stick to pushups or crunches, think of what you can do for yourself if you take on a challenge with consistency.

Since I'm a visual person, I figured you'd like to see some proof that what I'm saying isn't just me blowing hot air ;-) so here is a picture of my arm after the challenge end (like, RIGHT after, so I'm in workout garb so excuse to not so great pic).  This is the most toned my arms have ever been I'm quite sure.


  1. This makes me smile - a lot.

    Thanks so much for participating in The 28-Day Challenge. I'm working on my own (lengthy) recap blog post as I type this. Including THIS post in the recap.

    Are you ready for the NEXT 28-Day Challenge, starting in a few weeks?

  2. Awesome!

    Hats off to you for sticking around and completing the challenge. You look great

  3. so encouraging! i have been part of a 30 day shred group and have totally seen an improvement, but i confess i have fallen off the shred wagon and need to get pumped up to get back on!


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