Five Faves: Cell Phone Vomit Edition

Five things I really like, from my cell phone camera.

1. My cropped jacket with tie front.  EVERYONE should own a jacket like this. (Well, ok, every woman.)  Both casual and work friendly, and always makes you appear 10 lbs slimmer.  One of my most beloved wardrobe pieces.  Lightweight so it works for most of the year.

2. Panera's Thai Chicken Salad.  MAN this salad is SO good! Romaine, red pepper, edamame, chicken, carrots, won ton strips, sesame vinaigrette and a drizzle of peanut sauce.  So tasty and low in calories too!

3. My son's artwork.  I can't get over how great his pictures are getting!  Gone are the days of "so, uh, tell me about what you drew!" (because we couldn't identify the picture).

4. My mom's antics.  In the coffee cupboard, I was looking for more filters and found a little bag with tea in it that she must have brought over for when she watches Keegan at our house.  It said "Noni's Stash use whatever you like" on the bag.  Then, behind that, was another bag, filled with instant coffee, that said "Yeah right!" (because she knows we'd never drink instant coffee by choice, lol!)

 5. Watching my husband teach my son to ride a big kid bike. Because it's just cute.


  1. Is that the jacket you bought when I came to visit a couple years ago? :)

    And I LOVE Keegan's Spiderman drawing! I totally knew what it was right away!

  2. Thai salad = delish. A new favorite!


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