Here goes something!

In further effort to improve my overall level of physical fitness (and hopefully energy level too) I have decided it is time to bite the bullet and follow in the path of a great many people before me and complete the


I am still participating in the 28 Day Challenge as well (as of tonight, I've completed 500 push ups and 1850 crunches since it started!) and I have 9 days to go there.  So, I imagine the first 9 days are going to be pretty brutal.  But, I really want to be up for the challenge, and seeing as I'm turning 30 later this summer (gulp!) I figure, why not do it in the best shape I've been in in awhile.

So, for those that have gone this road before me, (and especially those that have Tweeted or blogged about it and inspired me to do it too) thank you for the inspiration!

From what I hear, I'm pretttttty sure I'm going to be yelling a few obscenities at my TV on a few days, but that's a part of the process, right? ;-)

If you are not familiar with the 30 Day Shred, it is DVD created by The Biggest Loser's (former) trainer Jillian Michaels and is known for MAJORLY getting people in to shape.  It is also not known for being easy.  But, nothing worthwhile is, right?  

If you would like to embark on this with me, let me know, I'd love to connect with and encourage (and vent with!) you too :-)  I found the DVD at Target for $9.04 and other than the DVD and a player (or laptop) all you need is hand weights.  Anyone with me?  Bueller?  Bueller? 


  1. I have that program. I did it last year, and made it partway through the 3rd segment (but was in a wedding out of state, and didn't want to awkwardly ask to use their TV each day!). It's tough, but, after a few days, it feels easier, at least on level 1. :) Way to go!! (Oh, and eventually, I'd just turn the volume down and put my own music on - much more motivating, and after hearing the same thing 15 times, I was a little tired of her telling me not to phone it in as I was busting my butt in my living room!)

  2. We've been doing it as a group in our gym at work a few times a week. It's SO much better when other people are there to motivate you to work out. Good luck! And just push through the first few days, it gets better

  3. Yay Nat! You will do fine since you have been active already...there are some areas that get sticky and you'll want to turn the tv off...but stick with it. Start small on your weights too (3-5 lb)...I started with 8 lbs and I wanted to cry for about 2 days after. Get it girl...I know you can!

  4. Girl I've owned that DVD for a couple years and still haven't taken the plastic off. lol Count me in. I'll do with with you ;)


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