Too much of a good thing.

 I have learned SO much from the wonderful world of the blogosphere and the people within it. As I spent time yesterday attempting to navigate and learn how to better use the latest and greatest online sharing site, Pinterest, I found myself completely and utterly overwhelmed, and that's not really a new feeling.

Every day I learn something new when I check my Google reader and read all the newest posts from my favorite blogs. Oooh! I MUST make that ruffly wreath! That would look SO cute on our front door- and it looks relatively easy! I just need to find time to go buy some felt, and a wreath base, and and budget for that... Oh my, I MUST make that chocolate cookie with salted caramel filling recipe! That would be fun to do with the KitchenAid! I could give the cookies as a gift to someone... Oh, hey there Silhouette blog- that's a GREAT idea for a Father's Day design- I could totally do something with that! COUPONS!!! With COUPONS I can get a Dove Men's deoderant for Brandon for 4 cents! 4 cents! I must download these coupons and run to Target!

Can you see where I'm going with this? There are so many ideas, I've fallen into complete idea ADD syndrome- as soon as I focus on an idea- I go all "look! a squirrel!" on myself!

Truth is, if I followed all of these "simple" and "inexpensive" ideas, my house would be gorgeous and spotless. I'd have a stockpile of deodorant. We'd eat gourmet foods EVERY day (including nightly desserts (oh and I'd so be the size of a house...) and I'd have gorgeous crafty decor and gifts to give that I made with my kiddo using our perfectly organized craft room.

Guess what? That's not my life. Why? Well, first off, I have a job and a kid and a husband and friends I like to see and there aren't enough hours in a day to finish the laundry sometimes, more or less make a ruffly wreath for my door. Second of all, my project ADD is so out of control, I can't even seem to settle on any one idea long enough to carry it out, I just sit here adding things to my to-do list that it becomes so long I feel like a constant, stagnant failure. Something tells me, that's not so healthy.

So, what's a wannabe super mom, type-a blogger to do? I think I'm going to try to slow down, and make a list of 5 things I want to accomplish each week. 5 seems very manageable don't you think? I'm not going to share what my five things for this week are, as they include Father's Day "stuff" and there's a chance gift recipients MAY be reading this post- but in future weeks I will, and I'll update you on which projects I struggled to  narrow down as most worth my limited time and how they came out.

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  1. This is why I go on 3 week long internet breaks, lol. Inspiration is so overwhelming! ...and it's also why I have a huge box in my closet with fabric I've never sewn into curtains, a table cloth, a dress and an apron. Whoops.


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