I got to see Sheryl Crow!

The very first CD I ever bought was Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club, and I'm pretty sure I wore it OUT listening to it over and over again.

I have loved listening to Sheryl Crow since I was just 13 and she's been on my top 2 list of "if so and so ever comes to town for a concert I HAVE to go" for a long, long time.

Tonight, I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying Sheryl Crow's music LIVE in concert at the Saroyan Theater.  WOW.  The concert was so amazing!  She is truly an amazing artist to see live.  In addition to amazing vocals (including welcome and not distracting variations on my old favorite songs) Crow also played the harmonica, guitar, Wurlitzer electric keyboard and piano.  She was funny, kind, warm and even did a Bob Dylan impression.  Her encore performance of I Shall Believe gave me chills.  Also, her arms- ridiculous. If I did 1500 pushups a day, my arms would still not look like that!

I was lucky enough to attend with my friend and fellow big fan, Krystin and we had seats just 8 rows from the front.  I'm going to have to put tonight's concert on my list of all time favorite experiences EVER.  If you ever get the chance to see Sheryl Crow in concert, you won't be disappointed.

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