Make your own pillow covers- freshen up your home fast!

Due to the fact that I was able to successfully create the lace front t-shirt without cursing at my sewing machine or throwing it out a window Office Space style, I decided I should try to stay on a "sewing roll" and make some new pillow covers for our couch throw pillows.  It seems like a small thing, but it can really change and freshen up a room!

The first time I made covers, it took me a bit longer, probably 45 minutes per cover, but this time, having done it once before, I was able to make 3 covers in one hour and I'm so happy with how they turned out!  Even if you really consider yourself a rookie seamstress, you can definitely pull this off.  (Trust me I am SO rookie!)

Madigan Made did a wonderful job with a tutorial, using diagrams and everything- and I was going to make you a tutorial myself, but to be honest, hers is way better than what I would have put together I'm quite sure- so please, grab yourself some cute fabric and give your home a little mini makeover, you'll be glad you did!

Tutorial: Click here.

Playroom couch before

Playroom couch after new pillow covers:

Back view of envelope style covers:


  1. THANK YOU!! My couch pillows are in DESPERATE need of covering! Now if only I could find the time to make these...

  2. Oh, I just adore the fabric you chose! How perfect. I wish you could come over and help me with my sewing machine, which has been collecting dust for over a year. Threading the bobbin will be the death of me.


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