Contest: Win Tickets to the Fresno Tweet Up Goes Wild!

One of my favorite local events is coming up this weekend, and I have the privilege of being able to offer one of you (and your guest) FREE tickets to come join in the fun!

Here's some info on the event that's coming up THIS SATURDAY:
Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild 2 (or #wildfresno in hashtag speak) is the second local Twitter gathering organized by the Chaffee Zoo and It's an after-hours party inside the zoo with all sorts of fun planned: A Twitpic Scavenger Hunt, a live performance by ultra hip indie band Fierce Creatures, an "Amazing Race" style competition that will crown a Fresno's top Twitter team, a photobooth, carictures and, of course, lots of animals.  Anybody who wants to attend can RSVP on Twitter to @fresnozoo or @fresnobeehive. Adults cost $5. Kids 10 and under are free with adult admission.
Additional info available here:
If you're still wondering, "What is Twitter really all about, and why do I want to get involved?" I do have a post explaining how Twitter has improved my life, you should read it :-) Go here.  If you'd like to see photos from last year's event go here. :-)

So, are you ready to join me and some super awesome folks this Saturday?  I hope so! 

How to win your FREE pair 'o tix:
Leave a comment with your Twitter username and the answer to the following:
If you could be any zoo animal, which would you be and why?
The winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday morning and announced both here AND on Twitter.  If you'd like to follow me, my username is @natticarrera. Good luck and hope to see you Saturday!



  1. @taripie

    I would be an Elephant because they get to lounge by a pool and eat great veggies. :-)

  2. @trigungirl4561 Kristen Johnson
    I would want to be a tiger because they are strong and cunning and can hunt for prey.

  3. @cokedrank

    Easy. Orangutan. You look super awesome, hang out with cool ass monkeys, and throw your feces without getting yelled at.

  4. I'd be a bird in the rainforest exhibit. Lots of room to spread my wings and the misters cut the Fresno heat.

  5. @DanRamirez72
    You gotta go with the giraffe. All the fuss is made on them and they can check out everything going on from up high.

  6. I would be a red fox, they are sly and foxy.

  7. I would be a monkey because I love bananas.

  8. I would be a hippo so I could hold my breath underwater a really long time.


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