If this were my kitchen...

So, let's say there is a possibility that I will be moving in the nearish future, and if this possibility does fully come to fruition, I will have a fabulously retro kitchen to customize, DIY and makeover.

I'm going to show you a picture of what could ultimately be my next kitchen (which, if I'm being honest, the kitchen of a home is my grown up equivalent to "my new bedroom!" when I moved as a kid- it's MY space, my zone, and my place to reside and decorate) and I'd like to toss around a few ideas with you and see what you think. Cool?  Hope so, because I'm so typing to myself right now and can't hear you ;-)

So, here's the space:

Clearly, we are working with cabinets in need of fresh paint, buttery yellow tile (which stays) white walls, natural light- I think a good starting point!

Here is my train of thought so far...

Colors: Yellow, White and Turquoise
Mona Ross Bergman, as featured in House Beautiful, via houseofturquoise.com
Kitchen belonging to JenniferJohner.typepad.com via ApartmentTherapy.com

Tria Giovan on MyHomeIdeas.com via HouseofTurquoise.com

And here are some of the specific ideas I am fairly smitten with so far:

A new light fixture like this gorgeous number from Boots 'n' Gus on Etsy

And I'll need to paint (cabinets white? walls pale turquoise? or vice versa?)

And then, some new hardward will be needed, don't you think?
From Anthropologie.com
And I'm thinking a kitchen island, like the one pictured on the second "inspiration" photo above goes centered on the back wall, below some lovely shelves like these:
From Better Homes and Gardens, via Fern Creek Cottage
I'm debating whether I could pull off an all over wall stencil on the back wall in yellow and white or pale turquoise and white... maybe something like this pattern from CuttingEdgeStencils.com

And, I'm in love with the idea of repainting a china hutch, ever since I saw this post and I have my eye on this hutch from a local Craigslist post (don't you dare look it up and buy it before I can! That's just mean. ;-))
HOW cute would this be yellow or pale turquoise! Pretty colorful bowls up top, cookbooks below...
So... what do you think?  Do you think these ideas will come together well?  Have you seen something that would also go well with what I've got planned so far?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the turquoise tiles with yellow valence (pic 1 or 2? can't remember now...). What a great starting point for your new kitchen- all that natural light is great. Repurposing hutches is such an awesome project- I saw one where the back of it had either some cutesy wallpaper or wrapping paper to add a bit more color to the back. Super cute!

  2. I love the white cabnets! It's a great starting point and so much easier to change a wall color as your style changes rather than having to paint the cabinets all over again if you out grow the style. So much fun decorating!

  3. I don't think you need any help. Those ideas all sound amazing!! I love the light turquoise walls with yellow or white cabinets and yellow accents. I love the hardware!

    Don't you just love Apartment Hunters?!?!

  4. Love love love! I would go with the turquoise tiles and yellow. I love projects like that. I am currently changing stuff around in my kitchen! Good luck and have fun! ps. i want to swim in ur pool! :)

  5. these kitchens are so stinkin adorable!!! My bf and I are soon-to-be house hunting and I showed him these model kitchen photos because it's along the same line with what I want and he tells me he wants a "dark kitchen." WHO THE HECK WANTS A DARK KITCHEN!? something I'll need to work on with him... but the best of luck to you and your adorable kitchen dreams!!

  6. You have GREAT design sense. :) I love it!

  7. Yes! Love the hutch! Fingers crossed that all goes through. smooches!

  8. So cute! I love your ideas. They remind me of another blog that I read (http://www.acharmingnest.com/) that is written by a college acquaintance. You might like some of her ideas.


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