Silhouette Project: Etched Glass

I really haven't been using my Silhouette as much as I should be, and to it's full potential yet (I so need to play with it more! It's just finding the time that's been the issue), but one project that I think is really neat to do, is to use the Silhouette transfer paper roll to create a relief/negative space stencil, apply etching cream and etch glass.

For Mother's Day, I used this technique to create customized decorated clear latte mugs for my mom and mother-in-law, for a friend's birthday I downloaded a free font the matched the font used on an album from her favorite band, and etched a mug for her, and I just made some tall beer glasses with famous Jimmy Buffettlyrics/quotes for my super cool boss who's getting married in a little over a week (and happens to be a huge Jimmy Buffett fan).

To do this yourself, all you need is a glass surface (or mirror) you want to etch, a jar of etching cream (I found mine at Michael's for $6- note they do NOT carry it at Joann's) q-tips to apply the etching cream, and tranfer paper for cutting a design stencil.  You can of course cut by hand if you are super with scissors.  I, am not, so I use my Silhouette cutter.

Once you've cut your designs, peel the transfer paper from the backing, stick it to your glass surface, and dab on etching cream wherever you want your design to be etched.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes.  Then, peel away the transfer paper and rinse away the cream under cold running water.  Easy, lasting permanent results that allow you to personalize gifts! 

Etching cream applied to glass over transfer paper stencils

One of the completed glasses "Wrinkles only go where smiles have been" -Jimmy Buffett


  1. Awesome!!! :) Super cute and easy! Do you need to cut out only the design you want? It looks like you can have extra paper on the edge?


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