Before and After: The China Hutch Revealed

Do you remember the hutch I stalked on Craigslist about a month ago?  My post about my wishful thoughts for my future kitchen included plans for the hutch here.  While I was away at my company's annual meeting in Southern CA this summer, my sweet hubby was kind enough to retrieve the hutch from the seller for me, and when I came back, it was waiting in our garage, begging to be painted.

We've now moved into our new home, and have been doing a ton of work on the kitchen (and throughout the house) and I am so excited to share our progress (and laughable failures at times!) with you. Today's post is the first "Before and After" from the new house.

Here is the hutch before:
(Original Craigslist ad photo)
 And here is the hutch halfway through her makeover (with those curvy lines, she HAS to be a girl right?)

And here she is now!

I have to admit, I am so pleased with the end result!  
This was my first time re-doing a large piece of furniture, but I would definitely do it again.  

For this project, I used the following items:
Rustoleum Deglossing Gel (leftover from my Cabinet Transformations kit- kitchen cabinet makeover photos to come later this week!) (I did not sand at ALL!)
6 cans of Krylon gloss spray paint in Ocean Breeze ($3.24 per can at Wal Mart)
1 can (a portion of one can really) Rustoleum White Gloss Protective Enamel (to protect the paint)
1 can Rustoleum clear protective spray enamel (for the handles)
Painter's tape (to tape off around glass doors)
Newspaper (to protect the glass doors from getting paint on them)
Painter's tarp (for spray painting the piece on)
Screwdrivers (for removing and replacing hardware)
Pyrex bowl (for keeping hardware and screws together)

Tips for refinishing a large piece of furniture (based on personal trial and error):
  • Allow for ample drying time between coats 3-4 hours minimum
  • Take your time and remove hardware, don't just paint over it
  • Multiple thin coats of paint are better than rushing to cover with thick coats- thick paint coats lead to drips, crackling and slow dry times
Project cost:
Antique hardwood china hutch from Craigslist $75.00
Various Spraypaints $27.00
Grand Total: $102.00


  1. Yay!!! It's beautiful! She looks so much like you! ;) LoL.... I can tell you're proud of it though, seriously, great job!

  2. That is GORGEOUS!! I love that color! Great job!!!

  3. Wow, Natali! That looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the before and afters!

  4. Really pretty! And it looks like you painted the cabinets white? My parents-in-law have the same yellow tile and they did the same thing - painted the cabinets white and I think it looks great. I like the yellow tile now! Happy DYIing!!!!

  5. Oh it came out great Nat. Good job!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You did a great job!!!

  7. extraI love this transformation and your blue and yellow together. So happy looking1


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