Home Makeover- the "before" shots

I am crazy.  No really, I must be.  Sane people don't set out to update an entire house built 40 years ago in ONE week.  But, I set out to do just that- with the help of my hubby, fam and friends (can't thank you all enough!) we pretty much pulled it off!  (There are a few things here and there to do yet, but the major stuff is DONE)

I apologize for my absence here, but from the moment we got keys until yesterday, ALL we did was work, then work on the house.  Eating and bathroom breaks and sleeping?  Pssshaa!  For the WEAK I tell ya!  (Ok, so we did those other things too, but minimally!)

Facebook, email, my phone and Twitter have all been filled with requests for PICTURES!  (I know, I know- just make with the pictures already, I get it.)

I'm finishing some things up today and tomorrow, but I figured I'd at least give you some before shots in the meantime- I will post "afters" in the upcoming week (pinky swear!)

The "Befores" (a sneak peek- more to come)
Kitchen, with lovely 1971 cabinetry

Other side of kitchen, also with lovely 1971 cabinetry (shocking, I know)
Amazingly awesome friends helping with operation "Ugly cabinets go bye-bye"

Ok, so I never actually used either of these tools, the hubs did while replacing toilets.
Everybody loves a good wood paneling wall! (not.)
Cat loves wood paneling so much, can you tell?
Old adobe brick fireplace (bricks are darker because they were damp from me scrubbing them)

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  1. Congrats on your house! Can't wait to see "afters"! :)


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