A Mom's Reality Check

A friend of mine recently re-tweeted a blog post from Baby Rabies that shook me to my core as a mom. 

She opens the post with:

"When I am a mom…
I will NEVER let myself wander around Target with crying kids in my shopping cart.I will NEVER give those kids food while they’re in the cart before I pay for it. What the hell kind of message does THAT send? Freaking take the dang screaming kids home and give them food you already paid for. GAH.

I will NEVER let my kid run in the mall. Why can’t kids just WALK and HOLD HANDS with their parents? How HARD IS THAT?

I will NEVER let my kid have a tantrum in public. Dude, take them HOME. 

I will NEVER have my kid out after 7:30, when they should be IN BED. It’s called BEDTIME, folks. 

I will NEVER let my kids wear ugly character shirts. I don’t care how much they ask for them. I don’t have to buy them. End of story.

I will NEVER let my kids out in public with food on their faces and clothes. Hello?? Are you incapable of keeping your kids clean?

I will NEVER let my kids cause a scene of any sort, anywhere, in front of anyone like me who might disapprove."

Image credit: PositiveParentingSolutions.com

I found myself thinking, oh my gosh- she's in my head.  I thought ALL the same things.  I could have written the same exact things.

And then I read on to the end of her post.  And found myself crying in Keegan's preschool parking lot (I read the post on my phone after dropping him off)- and simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief.  I encourage you to click over to her post and read the rest of it.  It's something I think almost every mom needs to read. (*Warning there is a tad bit of "not suitable for work/kids" type language in her post- so proceed when appropriate- but, please, read it.)



  1. I totally heart this. I think she pulled it from my own brain. ;) With one exception... "I will NEVER let my kids wear ugly character shirts. I don’t care how much they ask for them. I don’t have to buy them. End of story." LoL... I still will never let the kiddos wear them. PJs are ok, but not on clothing, I just can't handle it. ;) But seriously, a realy heart-wrencher.

  2. Yep, I needed to read that one. THANK YOU!

  3. This is great! Thanks for posting it! Diana, I also said the same thing about the character shirts. I have NEVER bought one, but we get them handed down all the time from my SIL. They are dedicated PJ shirts. :-)


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