8-legged intruders and a simple tip for dealing with them

I dislike spiders.  Actually, dislike is a bit weak.  I detest spiders. Yes, detest.  That's better.  If you don't believe me, take a quick peek back and see some of my thoughts on the spawn of eight-legged satan.

Believe me now??  Good.  Moving on.

When we moved into our current home, we were faced with a large, army-sized population of spiders, and not just spiders, but the worst spiders of all time. Black widows.  I came THIS close to seeing if it was too late to just turn and run.  But, instead, I grew a slightly thicker skin and started evicting the beasts.

I am pleased to share that the arachnid population no longer greatly outnumbers the human population.  Occasionally, however, a straggler finds its way indoors, and I must go all medieval on it's 8-legged booty.  In doing this, I discovered an awesome new way to deal with the indoor pests.  Here goes (you may want to take notes if you're as scared of spiders as I am.  Ok, it's easy and you don't need notes, but I wanted to feel smart and important for .03 seconds ;-))

1. Discover spider
2. Grab Swiffer sweeper
3. Attach papertowel to Swiffer
4. Use Swiffer to maintain excellent distance while smashing spider with Swiffer head
5. Remove and throw away paper towel and dead spider

Now I could be wrong here, and I am both naturally (and chemically) blonde, but I think this might be a stroke of minor genius.

Now go forth and enjoy your keep your distance, contain the mess spider killing trick!
This guy? (or girl?) Going DOWN.

My weapon of choice


  1. LoL... I am totally laughing at you. Or with you. Or just laughing. ;) Love ya!

    (Oh, and BTW, you have frickin' ADS on your blog now! :) Moving up in the online world!)

  2. Totally going to use this idea! Your are too funny!

  3. See these are the real life tips no one ever teaches us in school... I can see this method can be used for a plethora of unwelcome insects.

    Ok, it beats my previous method of throwing a shoe at the insect and hoping it lands just right for the smash... :)


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