The Family Room: In Progress...

Happy to have made some decent progress on our family room over the weekend. (For background on the family room project, click here)  After searching for a full month on Craiglist for a desk I liked (for a fair price) and kids' sized chairs, I came across the items through Target online on sale (and clearance for the chairs, woot woot!) and decided new would be the way to go in this case.

I purchased the chairs, which took me only about 15-20 minutes to put together, they're Target's kids brand, Circo, and seem quite sturdy and well made.  I'm very pleased with them!  The only bummer is, I'd noticed they were available in store, so I purchased them locally, and the local store price was not clearance priced (bummer!) but after shipping costs, it would have almost evened out anyway, so I guess it's mostly a wash.

The desk I ordered, was on sale AND offered free shipping, but it hasn't arrived yet, so pictures to come soon.  Seeing as the desk in on its way, I figured a chair would be important.  I started yet another multi-day Craigslist hunt but was coming up with nothing that inspired me.  I didn't really want a typical desk chair (boring, black, mesh, blah) but something kind of pretty and maybe vintage looking?  And then it hit me- call the person who keeps EVERYTHING from eras past -my Noni!  Sure enough, she had the perfect chair for me to spruce up!  I was so excited!

Since I was already planning to spray paint Keegan's thrifted table, I figured why not paint the chair too, (sorry, I started painting THEN remembered to take a before pic, whoops!) I used Krylon paint in Celery for the table, and Rustoleum Protective Gloss enamel on the chair, in just good ole' white.  I used Krylon's spray clear coat on the table afterwards, and I kind of wish I hadn't.  Even though I used long, even strokes for coat one, and an even, circling motion for coat two, it didn't come out very even.  Oh well, it's not horrible, and I'm sure being a kids' craft table, it will take worse beatings anyway!

Chair "before"
Table and chair in progress
Finished chair!
Love this fabric!  I had it leftover from making pillow covers.
Freshly painted table and new chairs for kiddo!
That's the room update for now, I'll post more once the desk arrives and I put it together.  I can't wait to be able to sit at a desk and blog.  Sitting on the bed with a laptop kills the neck after awhile!

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  1. Everything looks great! I love the chairs especially. Nicely done!


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