How to save money during a move.

Moving can get expensive.  Really expensive.  Unexpected expenses, and expected ones (if you don't provide limitless pizza, your friends are not obligated to help you move- you know this, right?)

Little projects (replacing outlet covers to make them all white) turn into bigger projects (the plugs are actually almond color, so you need to replace the plugs AND the covers).  Appliances become obsolete (like fridges too large for their new designated space) or suddenly needed (washing machines that break a week before the move, a lack of built-in microwave in the new digs) the list goes on.

We worked hard (and are still working toward) making our house a home, and doing it on a budget.  Here are the top five ways we saved money during our move:

1. Sell unneeded items on Craigslist and use the money toward items that are needed.  When we discovered our former fridge would not fit in the new house, I listed it for sale.  I also listed our old dining set (too large for the new cozy eat-in kitchen/breakfast nook), entertainment stand and toys Keegan had outgrown.  We were able to use this money toward the replacement refrigerator (the sales proceeds covered 85% of the cost!).

2. Rent a U-Haul trailer instead of a truck. Instead of spending $29.99 plus mileage and adding gas to a moving truck rental, a trailer costs just one base fee of $19-$24 (depending on size and whether you want a ramp) and you avoid the mileage and gas costs (beside the gas cost of the vehicle that hauls the trailer of course, but most likely that will get better mileage than a moving truck).

3. Purchase needed items from Craigslist. I was able to purchase the exact same stainless steel microwave I'd had my eye on new at Target for 1/2 the price on Craigslist!  I also scored a wrought iron 6 chair and large table patio set for $50.  It's seriously awesome!

Our patio set, purchased for a song through Craigslist
4. When shopping for new fixtures or appliances, choose energy efficient items that offer rebates.  We decided the toilets and bathroom faucets needed replacing when we moved in, and by selecting low flow (but still highly rated) options, we were able to get as much as 80% of the purchase price back through rebates.  Additionally, these fixtures will continually save us on our water utility costs every month.  Total win-win!

5. Prioritize.  Decide what purchases are truly important and which can wait.  Don't insist on having everything set and perfect immediately.  Give yourself time to shop around (including searching Craigslist) and decide on a budget for the items you are still seeking and give yourself the time it takes to find something you REALLY like at a cost you can afford.  I'm personally still waiting to find the perfect desk, at the perfect price, but I know if I'm patient, I'll find it :-)


  1. Oh wow. Your backyard is AWESOME. Love that you've been finding deals on craigslist. I think over half of our house has been furnished off of craigslist. You gotta hold out for the quality stuff though! :)

  2. Thanks, so much! That is great advice! :)


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