My current project, the "family together space"

I'm not a "formal living room" kind of person.  I'm really not formal in many ways, it's not me.  I like people to feel comfortable, at home, and a formal living room would get used so rarely that it feels like setting one up would be a waste of valuable space in our home.  So, for the front room, I am determined to create a "family together space". 

I want a space where our family can spend time together and enjoy hobbies.  Reading on the couch, sewing at a craft table/desk, Keegan drawing or building Lego towers at a kids' size table.  That's my vision for our front room, and I'm working on making it a reality.

So far, the couches are in place, along with paintings on the wall (painted for us by my grandmother "Noni") and we have a couple of shelves to organize our things.  I've been combing Craiglist as well as Amazon, Target, Wal Mart, Overstock and other websites, looking for the perfect desk for myself and a kids' table that will be tall enough to last Keegan a few years.

After two weeks of hunting, I actually stumbled across a perfect kids' table at a Salvation Army thrift store earlier this week.  Solid wood, good height, plenty of work space, sturdy and with nice styling, even at $36.50, it seemed like a good deal, but imagine my delight when it rang up at half price!  The perfect table for less than $20!

My next task is to sand and paint the table, and track down some good chairs to go with it.  I'll update soon!
Family space in progress
Family space in progress
Keegan's table-to-be
Note the date, Aug 26th- apparently my half off luck was due to the length of time the table was in store.


  1. What a wonderful idea. I'd love for my family to craft together, too. My virtual office space takes up most of our extra room now, but I'll change things up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I like the minimalistic approach when it comes to setting up places intended for relaxation. In my book, it can't be something too busy for the eyes.


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