Recipe: Risotto with Peas and Parmesan

This risotto is so far, my favorite that I've made at home.  Unlike other risotto recipes, it contains no butter, but olive oil and white wine make it a flavorful and delicious dish.

Risotto with Peas and Parmesan
What you need:
3 tbsp olive oil
2 medium shallots, minced
1/4 cup dry white wine
1.5 cups arborio rice
2 cans Swanson chicken broth (or 29 total ounces of your favorite broth)
1 cup frozen petite peas
3/4 cup shaved or grated parmesan cheese
freshly ground pepper to taste

What to do:
1. Heat olive oil over medium heat, add shallots and heat until softened, about 3-4 minutes.  Do not allow the shallots to brown.
2. Add wine to the pan, cook one minute.  Add rice, stir and continue cooking 3-4 minutes (rice may start to appear more opaque).
3. Place a pot on the stove and add the broth, warm over medium heat.
4. Pour 1/4 of the broth into the rice mixture (don't worry if it hasn't heated up yet) and stir, then cover.
5. Repeat the broth additions, stirring each time, waiting for the liquid to absorb between each addition.  Keep an eye on the heat, you may need to lower to medium low after the second addition of broth.  You don't want the rice to brown.  On the fourth and final addition, add the peas as well.  Cover, and allow all liquid to absorb and peas to warm thoroughly.  Rice will continue to cook and plump.
6. Once all liquid has absorbed and rice in tender (you want to rice to be cooked through but al dente, not mushy) stir in the parmesan and add ground pepper to taste.


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