The BEST White Chicken Enchiladas Ever. (Lightened up)

A long time ago, prior to meeting my dear hubby, I dated a nice guy for a few years.  His mom was a wonderful cook.  In fact, I really think I learned a lot about cooking from her and her family.  One of the things his mother used to make for us, were white chicken enchiladas, and they were one of the BEST things I ever ate.  Obviously, as time went on, and the boyfriend and I eventually went our separate ways, I no longer got to enjoy his mom's enchiladas, but let me tell you I have been trying to duplicate the recipe ever since!  Well, last night, I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest pinned from Joyful Momma's Kitchen and oh my goodness it is EXACTLY what I was looking for!  In fact, they were so good, the hubs even had three helpings and he is NOT really an enchilada fan!  (Score!!! I happen to love enchiladas.)

And so, I feel I must share with you, the recipe I will gladly call the "Best White Chicken Enchiladas Ever" courtesy of the lovely Joyful Momma.  Please stop by her site and check out some of her other recipes!  Below is the recipe, as I made it, slightly lightened up (fat-content wise) and utilizing the crock pot to prep the chicken.

The Best White Chicken Enchiladas Ever
(as adapted from Joyful Momma's recipe) 

What you need:
1 lb chicken breasts
1 c. chicken broth
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp oregano
10 soft taco size flour tortillas
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
2 c. chicken broth
1 can (4 oz. size) of diced green chiles
2 c. reduced fat cheddar & jack cheese, shredded
1 c. light sour cream

What to do:
1. Around lunch time, place the chicken, broth and spices in the crockpot on low.  Cook until 40 minutes prior to the time you want to eat dinner.  Shred the chicken with two forks.
2. Combine 1/2 of the cheese with the chicken, and roll into the ten tortillas, placing in a 13 by 9 inch pan.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
3. Melt the butter over medium heat, then add the flour, whisking constantly, cooking for one minute.  Then, add the broth and stir until a well blended, thickened sauce forms.
4. Heat the sauce until it begins to bubble, then add the green chiles.
5. Remove from heat and stir in the sour cream.  Once melted and well mixed, pour sour cream sauce over rolled tortillas.
6. Sprinkle remaining cheese over the enchiladas and bake for 22 minutes.  Broil three additional minutes to melt and bubble the cheese.

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  1. I may have to try these, except with corn tortillas instead of the flour. I love me some enchiladas! Thanks for sharing!


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