DIY: Upcycled sweater becomes throw pillow

Every other Wednesday, some friends of mine and I get together for "girls' night".  Usually, we just go grab coffee and relax or grab frozen yogurt, but every now and again we get crafty and make something, which is what we did this past week.

I'd seen this idea of taking cable knit sweaters found for cheap at a thrift store and sewn into pillows on Centsational Girl's blog a little over a week ago.  I just had to find some sweaters and give it a whirl myself, so I spent a lunch break from work scouring two thrift stores and easily found 5 sweaters that would do the trick perfectly!

I shared the idea with my friends, and three of us spend Wednesday night making our own versions of the cable knit pillows.  We added some embellishments courtesy of felt flower tutorials from the lovely Mrs. Priss.

This was a really fun project and easy to do.  I highly recommend giving it a whirl- the knit pillows look so cute and wintery on the couch!


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  2. Thank you! One more project that I simply MUST do! ;) j/k... they look great!


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