Getting Crafty: Dollar Store Fall Decor

As my desire to decorate the heck out of the new house exceeds my wallet's ongoing support of such behavior, I've gotten continually more creative in my ways to stretch a dollar.  So, today, I present to you, THREE Thanksgiving Wreaths for $10.

Supplies purchased (All from Dollar Tree):
2 large wreath bases
1 medium wreath base
3 spools of ribbon (two brown, one maroon)
2 pkgs gourd decor
2 pkgs pinecones (one gold, one regular)

Tools used from home:
Hot glue, glue sticks
Fall leaves (I had leftover from last year)

Time Taken: 25 minutes

End result?  Happy, entertained kiddo and mom, decorated kiddo bedroom door and dual front door wreaths to greet the feast day guests.  Woot woot!

Future blogger?  Camera in HAND! hehe

1 comment:

  1. Super cute Nat! Definitely don't need to dish out a ton of dough to get super adorable decor and spend quality time with the kiddo at the same time!


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