My 2011 Thanksgiving Menu

Confession: I am insanely excited about the food I'm going to be enjoying with some of my favorite people this Thanksgiving.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to drool just writing this post, so I'm going to lean back from the keyboard, for safety's sake.

Here's what I'm planning on cooking up for this year's family feast:
  • The Pioneer Woman's "Fancy Macaroni" Sweet mercy- bacon, 4 kinds of cheese and pasta- I really could eat JUST this.  (I made this for the first time last Thanksgiving, and it was a smashing hit with the fam, so it's back for this year's menu) 
  • Dave Lieberman's Sourdough Stuffing (though I'm subbing marinated artichoke hearts in place of the mushrooms, because there just can't be a fungus among us)  This will be my first time every making stuffing, so we'll see...
  • My own tweaked mashed potato recipe (6 lbs potatoes, 2 cups chicken broth, 6 cloves roasted garlic, 1 bar cream cheese, 1/2 c. butter, 1 cup sour cream, salt, pepper and seasoned salt to taste)
  • Green bean casserole, because to me, it's just not Thanksgiving without it.  Be sure if you make it, please use the recipe that has a bit of soy sauce in it.  Some versions don't.  Trust me on this one.
  • Demon Cookies!  (Our family's favorite cookie- we call them "demon cookies" because they are SO good, they're darn right evil and we can never stop eating them!)  Please promise me you'll try this recipe, the flavor combination and the creamy butterscotch chips are just amazing together.
I can't wait to see what our family brings to the table either.  As a kid, I never appreciated Thanksgiving.  "Big whoop.  I don't even like turkey.  People just sit around and eat, and that's it."  Clearly, I was crazy. We get to SIT AROUND.  And EAT!  (And be with family, and count our blessings, I mean really, it's a pretty sweet day, dontcha think?)
Last year, the "Fancy Macaroni" was such a big hit, people served themselves simultaneously.  ;-)

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  1. Oh wow. Just reading your list of Thanksgiving food made me REALLY hungry! Sounds so yummy and I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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