My lil' spidey.

And now for a few gratuitous Halloween family photos.  Hope you and yours had a fun Halloween (or Halloween weekend) this year.  (Have to admit Monday night holidays? Kind of a drag, but, what can ya do?) *Thank you to Ashley for our FREE and easy costume idea!
Halloween party with friends- we were "Black Eyed Peas", the Gables were themselves, and our friends Roque and Heather are Iron Man and a ZomBee.

At "Trunk or Treat"
Just hunting more candy like a pro
We ran into Spider Woman! What luck!
Conquered an over sized inflatable, three times.


  1. "The Gables were themselves" = LOL! I love it.

    Your son is too cute for words. And you looked gorgeous, as usual! I love that you used Ashley's "black eyed p's" idea. Perfection.

  2. You are so nice to comment on my old Halloween post!!! I am soooo lame about posting lately, I miss getting comments!

    Love the Black-eyed "Ps' hahaha

  3. We think so highly of ourselves that we don't want to do anything else but dress as us.

  4. Correction: I was a Slutty ZomBee who died from being dead sexy. ;)

    I love that last shot of Keegan. I don't know how he got his arms in the air with all those muscles!


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